Thomas Keller Loves Hestan Appliances

Explore the Napa Valley culinary think tank of one of the world's great chefs.

 The Barn at Hestan Vineyards  The Barn at Hestan Vineyards

For many years now, Chef Thomas Keller has worked in partnership with Hestan to create spectacular commercial (and outdoor) kitchen appliances, but he’s also helped them reinvent those appliances for residential use, Hestan Indoor. It’s an exceptional line with the power and functionality of the commercial designs he uses in his world-renowned restaurants. 

So where does all the performance research (and tasty testing) take place? At Hestan Vineyards, the 110-acre vineyard begun by Stanley Cheng, a pioneer of non-stick cookware in the 1970s, and his wife, Helen. (Of the "He" and "Stan" in the company name, Stanley says sweetly, "I always put my wife ahead of me.") The family-run company, which is actually based right here in Anaheim, is built on a true love of food, so it’s no wonder that chefs of Keller’s caliber are longtime fans of the products.

 A wider view of the vineyard estate, with the Barn in the lower right.  A wider view of the vineyard estate, with the Barn in the lower right.

 Hestan founders Stanley and Helen Cheng  Hestan founders Stanley and Helen Cheng

Recently, the company filmed a series of videos at the Barn, essentially a test kitchen and entertaining venue on the estate filled, of course, with the latest residential, commercial and outdoor appliances. You can check them all out below. They’re a fun peek at the space in which Keller can explore recipes and techniques, teach and share his ideas.

Elevated Form, Function and Food

Purpose-Built Performance

The Art of Nurturing

Take a Look at these Gorgeous Hestan Indoor Kitchens

With the new line of residential designs, you can cook with the very same technology Keller is using at Bouchon, Per Se and Surf Club—for example, the company’s patented 30,000 BTU power burner. “It’s commercial crossover for the home,” he explains. “Inviting somebody into your home is a very personal and emotional thing. And then when you cook for them, it's even more so. Preparing a meal for somebody is sharing who you are, sharing that love you have for them, nurturing them, not only with the food that you've giving them, but the love that you put into the preparation of it.” 

But It’s Not Always Just About Cooking…

While we celebrate all that Hestan can do for us in the kitchen and how they’ve truly elevated the market, we can’t help but also celebrate designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s unique way of using at the company’s outdoor offerings. Bravo, Martyn, you genius!  

 Clever advice courtesy of  @MartynBullard   Clever advice courtesy of @MartynBullard

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