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The 7 Best Induction Cooktops of 2023

Check out our most popular induction cooktops.

7 Best Induction Cooktop Brands | Snyder DiamondWolf 36" Contemporary Induction Cooktop Model #CI36560C/B

Induction cooking is a modern method of cooking that has become increasingly popular here in Los Angeles and beyond. At Snyder Diamond, we’re seeing more and more L.A. homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders embracing cooking appliances equipped with induction heating technology—a sign that sustainability trends for the home continue to gain momentum. There's no denying that induction cooking is catching on in L.A. and the U.S., so now’s a great time to share our guide to the 7 best induction cooktops, as chosen by our customers.

Monogram Induction Cooktop Model #ZHU36RSPSS 36" in a modern wooden kitchen overlooking a forestMonogram 36" Induction Cooktop Model #ZHU36RSPSS

Induction cooking, which relies on electromagnetic energy to heat up the cookware directly, has numerous benefits, including faster heating times, better energy efficiency, and improved safety, making it an easy decision to upgrade from any existing electric or gas stovetop. 

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you may already know that local building ordinances banning or restricting the use of natural gas infrastructure are rapidly being implemented. These changes will inevitably lead to an increase in the adoption of induction cooking appliances in homes and businesses in L.A. and beyond. As voted on by the Los Angeles City Council last year, no new buildings, including residences, may include gas stoves, water heaters, furnaces, or gas-powered clothes dryers. This move sets new benchmarks nationally and is intended "to protect public health, improve indoor and outdoor air quality, reduce GHG emissions, and set California on track to achieve carbon neutrality", said the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

So, if you want an eco-friendly cooking appliance that reduces energy costs and offers fast and even heating, an induction cooktop might just be what you need. Check out the 7 best induction cooktops, all available at Snyder Diamond.


Model #CX492611

Gaggenau’s induction cooktop offers a full surface with no zones to adhere to, which means you have the freedom to place up to six cookware items anywhere on the surface. Featuring luxury, German engineering and innovation, Gaggenau induction cooktops are also smart—move a pan, and your Gaggenau cooktop will remember power and timer settings!

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop 400 Series Model #CX492611Gaggenau Induction Cooktop 400 Series Model #CX492611 dark kitchen lake view
Gaggenau 400 Series Induction Cooktop Model #CX492611

Key features:

  • One unique large cooking surface allowing free positioning of up to 6 cookware items
  • All sizes and formats of induction-friendly cookware can be used
  • TFT touch display for intuitive control of all functions
  • Cooking sensor function for temperature control in pots
  • Precision-crafted 3 mm stainless steel
  • Teppanyaki function

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Monogram’s award-winning cooking capabilities allow you to achieve restaurant-quality results from the comfort of your own home. The Monogram induction cooktop is beautifully designed but also a powerful performer, featuring easy-to-use glide touch controls, five induction elements, and extraordinarily precise temperature control. 

Monogram Induction Cooktop 36" Silver Model #ZHU36RSPSSMonogram Induction Cooktop 36" Silver Model #ZHU36RSPSS with food cooking
Monogram 36" Silver Induction Cooktop Model #ZHU36RSPSS

Key features:

  • Five cooking elements with the ability to control two 7" elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware
  • Glide touch controls: easy-to-use electronic controls allow you to precisely raise or lower heat in an instant with one easy swipe
  • Custom settings: personalize your cooktop settings to fit your cooking style
  • White LED display with a patterned silver glass surface—enjoy a premium look that blends in with modern kitchen finishes
  • Melt setting to gently melt delicate foods without burning or scorching

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Model #CIT365YB

Offering the most innovative induction cooktop collection in the market, the Thermador induction cooktops give you the freedom to prepare for anything—with precision, power, and flexibility.

Thermador Induction Cooktop Model #CIT365YBThermador Induction Cooktop Model #CIT365YB with food cooking and water boiling
Thermador Induction Cooktop Model #CIT365YB

Key features:

  • Accommodate large pots and pans with the ultra-spacious 13" heating element and the most powerful (5,500 W) in its class
  • Industry-exclusive triple-zone element allows you to match the element size to various-sized cookware
  • PowerBoost® feature increases element power by up to 50%, saving time and energy when heating up pots or cooking large quantities
  • Illuminated touch controls with 17 power settings
  • Each burner has its own cook timer, making it easier to coordinate the cooking of multiple dishes

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Model #CI36560C/B

Top-of-the-line induction cooktops by Wolf appliances combine superior power, speed, and efficiency with sleek designs and intuitive controls. Wolf induction cooktops are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so there’s always a suitable induction cooktop available to meet you and your kitchen’s needs.

Wolf Induction Cooktop 36" Contemporary Model #CI36560C/BWolf Induction Cooktop 36" Contemporary Model #CI36560C/B with sauteed prawns and downdraft ventilation
Wolf 36" Contemporary Induction Cooktop Model #CI36560C/B

Key features:

  • 5 large square heating elements with the capability to bridge two cooking zones into one larger surface for induction-capable griddles, open roasters, and fish poachers
  • Independent cooking zone timers provide additional control and flexibility when making a variety of dishes at once
  • Unframed edge for flush installation
  • Black ceramic glass surface
  • Sensor-based simmer, melt, and keep warm modes
  • 17 power settings with half increment adjustments, plus a Boost Mode to produce rapid heat for 40% faster boil times
  • Rigorously tested for decades of use

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Model #KM7740FR

Do you cook with just a few pots and pans or do you like to whip up elaborate feasts for friends and family using lots of cookware? Whatever your cooking situation may be, Miele induction cooktops have you covered. Featuring eye-catching frameless or stainless steel frame designs, legendary German craftsmanship, and innovative intelligent technology, Miele luxury comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes sure to meet your needs.

Miele Induction Cooktop Model #KM7740FRMiele Induction Cooktop Model #KM7740FR in a dark grey kitchen with green details
Miele Induction Cooktop Model #KM7740FR

Key features:

  • Intuitive quick selection via number sequences
  • Versatile—5 cooking zones, 1 extra large with a diameter of 11 in
  • With a width of 36 1/8 (915) in (mm) and stainless steel frame for proud-mounting
  • Shortest heating-up times thanks to TwinBooster
  • Communication with the hood with automatic Con@ctivity technology
  • Automatic activation of control elements: pans are recognized when the cooktop is switched on

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Model #DTI36M977BB 

Sleek, precise, and cool to the touch, the Dacor induction cooktops defy logic and convention with a combination of power, control, and style.

Dacor Induction Cooktop 36” Model #DTI36M977BBDacor Induction Cooktop 36” Model #DTI36M977BB with woman cooking several dishes
Dacor 36” Induction Cooktop Model #DTI36M977BB 

Key features:

  • Beautiful and intuitive LED light that displays virtual flames to provide an attractive visual cue when the heat is on
  • 9 flexible cooking modules that heat and cook at lightning speed 
  • Accommodates pots and pans of all shapes and sizes with a simple swipe of the finger
  • Full-touch LCD control panel allows easy access to cooktop functions
  • Receive expert cooking advice straight from the 7-inch screen with video-assisted step-by-step recipe instructions
  • Residual heat reminder
  • Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology allows you to adjust the hood and turn on ventilation as necessary

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Model #JIC4736HB 

JennAir induction cooktops cater to your every impulse. Sleekly designed and offering precise temperature control and faster heating than its electric and gas counterparts, JennAir’s induction cooktop illustrates their continuous investment in cutting-edge innovation and high-end appliance design. 

JennAir Induction Cooktop Oblivion 36" Flex Model #JIC4736HBJennAir Induction Cooktop Oblivion 36" Flex Model #JIC4736HB
JennAir Oblivion 36" Induction Flex Cooktop Model #JIC4736HB

Key features:

  • Smooth black glass surface
  • Can be installed true flush or semi-flush at 3mm above any level countertop, including an island or peninsula
  • Bridge function allows you to fuse two induction elements into one, creating a grand altar for cookware like griddles or brasiers

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