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Who is Gaggenau?

Modern white, gold and marble kitchen with Gaggenau appliances

Challenging tradition, breaking the mold when and where it makes sense in order to pave the way for new ideas – Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand for home appliances for more than 338 years and the leading innovator in technology and design “made in Germany”.

Gaggenau transposes professional kitchen technology and trends into the home, continually setting new standards. This notion of the avant-garde is discernible in all their appliances through these four main design principles that are applied to all models: authentic, sculptural, expressive and generous.


Gaggenau drill on steel

Digital Artisans

Gaggenau is as committed to craftsmanship today as they were over 300 years ago. Which is not to say they are behind the times—as artisans, Gaggenau relishes skillfully utilizing the latest technology.

Hand Making their Mark

Of the 840 processes involved in assembling Gaggenau’s refrigerators, 813 of them are assembled by hand—as well as their iconic 36" wide oven for over 30 years.

Design as Artistic Engineering

The creation of appliances begins with functionality. Design must always perform exceptionally and unfailingly. The designer’s vision facilitates functionality, yet inspires so much more. It can challenge engineering; it can innovate, but it must genuinely benefit the design. This is functional objet d’art.

Giving the Metal Purpose

Whether expertly guiding the latest laser cutter or painstakingly hand polishing, there is always an invaluable return on the investment of the many skilled man-hours that go into Gaggenau’s products.


Gaggenau nail engraved with 1683 and smoke

Gaggenau’s story springs to life on the edge of the Black Forest in 1683. While that initial battle between man and metal has evolved over the centuries, much remains the same; Gaggenau still handcrafts a large portion of what they produce.

Every process, from shaping the initial sheet of steel to assembling their digital interface in their cleanroom, passes through a skilled craftsperson’s hands with pride. Every piece that leaves the Gaggenau workshop is burdened with a 338-year reputation.


Gaggenau built-in oven


Working with professional chefs, Gaggenau knows what delights and frustrates them. Their equipment needs to be intuitive and enabling, focused and robust; chefs need to devote themselves to the dish, not the oven. And while appearance is not so vital in the workplace, it matters in the home.


Life increasingly revolves around cuisine. Preparing, enjoying and discussing it often occurs in the kitchen. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.


Professional equipment, much like ingredients, must be of the highest quality and add something to the final dish. Gaggenau uses the same approach when it comes to private kitchens, but with an emphasis on aesthetics.

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