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The 5 Best Washers and Dryers of 2023

Check out five of our most popular washer and dryer brands.

LG Washer Dryer WashTower in laundry room next to woman showering her dogLG Washer Dryer

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your laundry room, or your appliance suddenly stopped working, a washer and dryer set is a critical part of getting laundry done if you'd rather skip a trip to your mom’s or local laundromat. Technically, you can often mix and match whatever washer and dryer you buy, but why not make things easier (and more aesthetically pleasing) by purchasing a pair at once?

Certainly investing in a modern, high-quality washer and dryer set will help simplify your laundry routine and save you time, but it’s worth noting that in the long run it may also save you energy and money. In fact, the technological and design advancements made over time have made finding an energy-efficient washer & dryer combo that aligns with your style, and budget, easier than ever. 

Check out five of the most popular washer and dryer brands available at Snyder Diamond.


Simplify your life with LG's state-of-the-art, top-rated washers and dryers. Beautifully designed with loads of advanced technology, LG washer and dryer sets are built with smart features to help you care for your clothes while saving time and energy. Many designers and design aficionados agree—LG stackable washer and drying units are one of the best looking washer and dryer units on the market. 

LG Washer Dryer WashTower green and white stackedLG Washer Dryer

Key features of LG washers & dryers we love:

  • Ultra-large capacity
  • Single unit WashTower™ design
  • Easy-reach intuitive Center Control™ panel hidden from view until you tap the power button
  • Real tempered glass doors with chrome rim provide a sleek, stylish look that also resists shocks and scratches
  • Top-of-the-line innovations including the Allergiene™ wash cycle that uses steam to remove up to 95% of common allergens such as dust, pet dander, and pollen from your wardrobe
  • The industry’s most reliable top-load washers

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If you’re looking for luxury, and aren’t we all, check out Miele’s high-quality, high-end washers and dryers. Experience how convenience meets performance with all the innovative features and attention to details that meticulous German craftsmanship has to offer. And, they’re configurable so you can choose whether you’d like your machines to be stacked or placed side-by-side based on your space and preference. Miele washers and dryers make your laundry experience easy by removing all the guesswork.

Miele Washer Dryer white in a dark roomMiele Washer Dryer

Key features of Miele washers & dryers we love:

  • TwinDos automatic dispensing detergent system measures the perfect amount of detergent for your load
  • Energy efficient saving up to 60% with heat-pump technology
  • Tested for up to 20 years of regular use
  • Possibility to add or remove laundry items easily even after the program has started
  • Reduce the need for ironing by up to 50% with the SoftSteam option

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We’ve all said it—“they just don’t make things like they used to.” Speed Queen washers and dryers however continue to defy expectations, delighting customers with legendary reliability founded on decades of experience in the commercial laundry industry, unparalleled QA testing, and 110 years to perfect their products since they began manufacturing in Ripon, Wisconsin. While you might purchase based on their history and pedigree, true peace of mind comes with performance and reliability—Speed Queen believes that when you spend hard-earned dollars on appliances they should reward you with decades of even harder work. Rest assured, they'll deliver nothing short of that.

Speed Queen Washer Dryer with mother and daughter in laundry roomSpeed Queen Washer Dryer

Key features of Speed Queen washers & dryers we love:

  • Rated most reliable brand
  • The industry’s best warranties with three-, five-, and seven-year bonds
  • Pet Plus cycles offer a highly effective solution for removing hair and keeping all items looking and smelling great
  • Tailored wash cycles for the ultimate fabric care
  • Ultra quiet wash cycles
  • Steam refresh option to remove wrinkles when you need to get out the door fast
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Produced in the U.S., Maytag washers and dryers are made with high-quality parts and industry-leading commercial washer and dryer technology for maximum cleaning and drying  performance and optimal  control. Available at  a variety of competitive, non-luxury price points, Maytag washing and drying machines are built to last 10 years, come with a 10-year limited parts warranty, and are made tough as steel to tackle whatever you throw in them. Plus, many Maytag laundry machines are Energy Star® certified to help you save energy and money while maintaining the level of performance you've come to trust.

Maytag Washer Dryer with a dog lying in front in a big laundry roomMaytag Washer Dryer

Key features of Maytag washers & dryers we love:

  • Backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty
  • Extra Power button for stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle with a dual-temperature wash
  • 16-Hr Fresh Hold® option keeps clean clothes smelling fresh in the washer for up to 16 hours after the wash cycle ends.
  • Sanitize cycle removing 99.9% of household bacteria
  • Wrinkle Control cycle designed to help prevent wrinkles with warm water and low spin speeds
  • Advanced Vibration Control™ Plus automatically redistributing unbalanced loads

Browse Maytag washers and dryers > 


Founded and still headquartered in Sweden, Asko washers and dryers are carefully built to improve your health, well-being, and quality of life. Highly configurable and available in a variety of sizes, Asko is particularly popular with city dwellers seeking compact, small-space solutions because of their unique ability to fit into tight quarters like narrow closets and under counters. Asko continues to produce quiet washing machines that make a home beautiful and functional while providing top-notch cleaning and drying results. 

ASKO Washer Dryer in dark gray, built-in wooden cabinets Asko Washer Dryer

Key features of Asko washers & dryers we love:

  • Quattro Construction™ allowing for a lower noise level and a more durable washing machine
  • Freshen up your garments in no time and without detergent or rinse aid with the Steam option
  • Auto Dose system calculating the perfect volume of detergent for every load based on the wash load, dirtiness, water quality, and the chosen program and temperature
  • Allergy mode for those who need it
  • Anti-Crease option for fewer wrinkles
  • Dark Wash special program

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