In a Natural State of Mind

Gessi’s Equilibrio Reminds Us to Connect with Our Roots

By Jeffrey Nord

"Equilibrio was born walking along a shore. The inspiration came from the best designer in the world - Mother Nature." – Gian Luca Gessi

The Equilibrio faucet is equal parts harmonious and beautiful, and during a year of such chaos and uncertainty, it’s a welcoming balance.  This natural state of mind literally starts in the word itself, as “equilibrio” is Italian for equilibrium. This collection brings an elemental slice of life back into the home, reminding us to reconnect with our body and mind and disconnect from daily life stresses.


Gessi chose organic materials that would help open the channels to enhance a connection with nature: marble, stones and wood with various finishes. Water streams from an artistically inspired, uniquely crafted tap available in 10 different base finishes to mix and match freely.  Each faucet is uniquely handcrafted to resemble stones made smooth from continuous running water laid upon one another to create an organic, sculptural display.    


This collection of faucets is a continuation of the company’s founding ecological philosophy of thinking and acting “green”. Their desire was to offer consumers the opportunity to recreate this experience at home as part of a daily ritual.


The experience will have you feeling invigorated with a renewed sense of tranquility. The same emotion one might feel reaching a plateau overlooking a waterfall as it gently cascades over rocks and finds its way back to a magical pool of water. 



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