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Remastering the Art of Cool

Miele Introduces Even Greater Design Flexibility and Sophistication with MasterCool II 

By Jeffrey Nord

Ready…Set…Take 2!  After the success of the first edition, Miele's MasterCool II Refrigeration redefines perfection in the kitchen with its minimalist design, unique flexibility, and sophisticated settings and configurations.   In every aspect, Miele’s legendary reliability is apparent, giving you peace of mind that your quality of food and valuable wines are protected.

Delivering on their promise of ‘forever better’, Miele marries craftsmanship and innovation to deliver products of exceptional quality and unparalleled beauty. Designed to last for a minimum of 20 years, the state-of-the-art MasterCool line is made of the highest quality materials, and features cutting-edge cooling technology and German engineering precision.

From easy push-to-open, handless design and a glare-free fully illuminated interior to dynamic airflow and humidity control, the MasterCool series creates a sanctuary for fresh food.

With Miele MasterCool, food is stored in its ideal, natural climate so you waste less and taste more. What is perhaps the most innovative feature of MasterCool is the revolutionary food-driven menu system that is touch-based, easy to operate and has four independent cooling zones. These much-lauded microclimate settings automate optimization of humidity levels and temperature in the individual storage drawers thus keeping your food fresh up to three times longer. And with no air exchange between the two compartments, natural aromas are preserved.

Luxury refrigeration at its best, MasterCool II pushes the design forward by offering additional configurations and elevated wine storage.   

New Style & Configurations: 

  • Now offered in 24" refrigerator and freezer columns. Thanks to the flexible MasterCool II column concept, fridge, freezer and wine cooler units can be combined to create a built-in combination to suit every kitchen configuration.
  • With the French Door series available in 36”, Miele will introduce a French Door model to the series for the first time.
  • For the Bottom Mount model, MasterCool welcomes a new generation of fridge-freezer combinations.

New Wine Storage: 

  • MasterCool 2 wine units will be equipped with additional convenience features to create the perfect preservation and storage of your wine. The unit will be available with a SommelierKit and FlexiFrame bottle racks, which provide ideal storage conditions in three temperature zones. Additionally, each bottle rack features a chalkboard label to help you gain a quick overview of your wines.


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