Chef Neal Fraser's Private Kitchen

We're blessed with a wealth of spectacular restaurants in Los Angeles, and one of the most talked about right now is Redbird, the long-awaited new establishment from star chef Neal Fraser. Located within Vibiana, the historic downtown cathedral that's been converted into an unparalleled event space, Redbird has been met with rave reviews. Just a few months ago, Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold wrote, "Redbird may be the most anticipated Los Angeles restaurant of the current decade, a venture involving the city's highest-profile food entrepreneur at the moment, an actual deconsecrated cathedral and a chef for whom greatness has lain just out of reach for more than a decade." (You can read the full story here.) Trust us, greatness has arrived. But... not solely at Redbird. In this post, we're taking a look behind the scenes at Chef Fraser's private kitchen and dining room located above the acclaimed restaurant.

At Snyder Diamond, we hear a lot about designers partnering with kitchen and bath firms (Michael Berman and Tim Corrigan, for example) but we also hear a lot about kitchen appliance manufacturers partnering with chefs—a logical combination. Yet this little hidden gem tucked away on the third floor at Vibiana is different: It's a Jenn-Air test kitchen. Created specifically for Chef Neal's use, the kitchen features a selection of top-notch appliances installed by the company. In turn, the space doubles as a demonstration kitchen where Jenn-Air can truly show its products to customers, designers and associates who want to learn more about the brand. “This partnership adds to our growing roster of win-win culinary collaborations,” notes the firm’s marketing director, Brian Maynard. “In addition to getting brand exposure in an environment that attracts our target audience, we also have a beautiful venue available to us for our own events.” 

To date, Jenn-Air has held immersion trainings, designer events and trade meetings in the space. (We've been there, too!) Over the next several months, they've booked dozens of events that will bring some four hundred attendees through the boutique space. That’s a lot of wear and tear on those appliances! And it's testament to the products’ durability.

“The space itself is a draw for attendees,” adds Maynard, and we couldn’t agree more. Scroll through the images, where you’ll see some of the items listed below, and where you just might find a little inspiration for your own kitchen. Chef Neal may not be whipping up dinner on your range, but don't worry—these appliances will have you feeling like a proper chef in no time.

Come visit us in the showroom to see our full range of Jenn-Air appliances, and check out our previous post on some of their most innovative designs (click here).


·      7-inch, full-color Touch-Anywhere LCD Display and Culinary Center

·      Built-in French door refrigerator with the new obsidian interior

·      Built-in coffee machine

·      Built-in steam oven

·      36-inch Pro-Style range

·      36” induction cooktop (which boasts the industry’s most powerful induction element)

·      Accompanying 36” island hoods

·      Built-in microwave with Speed-Cook and a warming drawer

·      Ice machine, beverage center and dishwashers


Images courtesy of Jenn-Air and Callaway Gable

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