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TOTO's ZA Faucet Embodies Lightness and Dignity in a Natural Shape

The Red Dot Award Winner Honors Japanese Cultural Values & Timeless Design

Lightness and dignity in a natural shape 

For a timeless design.

Harmony, order, and respect are three of the most important values that underlie Japanese social interaction. Speaking softly, walking gently, bowing to others, wearing face masks when feeling ill, removing your shoes indoors are all common practices in their culture. Everyone works and takes pride in their work; Unemployment is less than 3%. They care deeply about respecting the honor of those around them now… and the memory of those who came before. 

For the 102-year old Japanese company, TOTO, who is constantly on the front end of technology and thoughtful, compassionate progress, we still see these ancestral values at work. For example, here is TOTO’s mission statement today: 

Since our founding, we have continuously pursued innovations that offer greater wellness and comfort to daily life. Honoring the trust that our customers and society place in us, TOTO remains dedicated to delivering products that offer inclusive functionality and respect for the environment. We embrace these values everyday to create a future that surpasses all expectations.

TOTO unites master craftsmanship and advanced technology with exquisite Japanese design sensibilities to produce contoured, sculptural-looking contemporary products that are comfortable, beautiful and offer enrichment to our lives. So in the vein of another important Japanese cultural value- gratitude- we want to take this moment to express ours to TOTO. 


Introducing TOTO’s ZA Faucet — A Red Dot Winner

Inspired by the beauty of asymmetrical shapes found in nature, the ZA Faucet Series embraces an aesthetic of organic simplicity that encourages a sense of calm relaxation. Characterized by crisp edges and generous fluid curves, its dual tone spout offers the contrapuntal beauty of polished and brushed finishes, which are combined in this modulated form to achieve a balanced design of a different order. The perfect capstone for this faucet’s unique design, its dual tone, asymmetrical lever handle is shaped like a small stone, which is beautiful from any angle.

WaterSense labelled, this high-efficiency, solid brass faucet flows at 1.2 gallons per minute. ADA compliant, its lever handle offers TOTO’s COMFORT GLIDE® technology for precise flow control and ease of use. Its ceramic disc valve features a special Diamond-Like Carbon coating, which ensures long-lasting quality and fundamental comfort in use.

The ZA Faucet Series is available as a vessel faucet and freestanding tub filler with handshower. The ZA Freestanding Tub Filler is hand-crafted with an organic design, hand-crafted artisan spout, and features a lever handle.

New Faucet Finishes
In addition to Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel, TOTO’s ZA faucet family is available in two new finishes to add rich accents to the sophisticated design statements in any bath space – Polished French Gold and Polished Bronze. Select faucets and tub fillers models may also be ordered with a split finish design that combines polished and brushed finishes.

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