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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Your home is definitely on the nice list this year.

If you’re wondering “how is it already November?” but also, “how is it only November?” you’re not alone. 2020 has felt never ending and yet flown by in the blink of an eye. It was a year of adjusting to life indoors as our homes became our whole world. 

Anticipating more stay-at-home time in 2021, we’ve put together some gift ideas so you can deck your home with splendid upgrades this season. Buy once, buy well and revel in the comfort and joy these items will bring to any household for years to come.  

Our 12 Picks That Make a Very Luxe List 

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” –Oscar Wilde 

The Wellness Wonder

Zerobody Dry Flotation Bed

Want something that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood? Look no further than the Zerobody Dry Flotation Bed, which has revolutionized the experience of sensory deprivation by removing the wetness factor. The resulting sensation is of pure drift…think ‘floating on a luxurious cloud’ and you’ll get the idea. In the U.S., Snyder Diamond is the only retail showroom where you’ll find this extraordinary product.


The Pour Perfector  

Plum Countertop Wine Dispenser

This revolutionary system not only pours wine precisely by the glass, but also fits beautifully alongside high-end kitchen appliances, services wine at its optimal temperature, and ensures the integrity of that wine for weeks on end. Oh, and did we mention that Plum boasts a “virtual sommelier” that educates you about your wine? Designed with classic winemaking and modern aesthetics in mind, Plum looks as great as it performs.


The Original Colorful Cooker

Viking 5 Series Collection -Black Forest Green 48" Range 

If you’re ready to cook in color, then make your culinary dreams come true with the range that spearheaded a design movement—the Viking range. The 5 Series Collection is highly sought after for unparalleled power and temperature accuracy. Their newest shade, Black Forest Green, is sure to make your other appliances green with envy.


The Top Tastemaker

36” Pro Gas Contemporary Range by Dacor

One of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen makeover is striking the balance between practicality and aesthetics when choosing your appliances. Luckily the Dacor 36” Pro Gas Contemporary Range has you covered. Offering expert innovations, intuitive Smart technology, and handcrafted sleek design, Dacor’s luxury range epitomizes intelligent design.


The Freshest Fridge on the Block

The 800 Series French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator 36'' by Bosch 

Bosch has raised the bar on what to expect from a modern kitchen appliance. From advanced features like cutting-edge technology that keeps your food fresh longer and beautiful fingerprint resistant stainless-steel design to dependable and impressive cooling power, this refrigerator is the new ‘cool kid’ next door.  


 Your Personal Coffee Concierge

The 24-Inch Built-in Plumbed Coffee Machine with Home Connect by Thermador

 Did you know the average American spends $1,100 a year on coffee? If you crave a high-quality cup of coffee, then a built-in coffee machine is a worthy investment. Much like a personal concierge, you can call out to your Thermador coffee machine to prepare your morning wake-up call as you get out of bed. Plus, the modern, minimalist stainless-steel design integrates seamlessly into any modern kitchen.


For the Coffee Connoisseur

Miele Countertop Coffee Machine  

Unless you’re renovating, chances are you’ll have a hard time working a built coffee machine into your kitchen design. Fear not coffee connoisseurs, the Miele Countertop Coffee Machine can be your next loyal barista. Grind fresh beans, apply perfect 15 bar pressure, or froth your milk for a perfect cup of joe…now that’s luxury.


In a League of Its Own

Sub-Zero Pro Series Refrigerator 36" 

Did you know that Sub-Zero is the only privately-owned high-end appliance manufacturer in North America and one of the largest national, privately owned family brands today? The Sub-Zero fridge has always been in a class by itself. Now this bold, professional look is available in a 36-inch-wide model. This means the stunning design and unparalleled features can fit into almost any kitchen.


The Bathroom’s Pièce de Résistance 

Washlet Toilet S550e by Toto

The new Toto Washlet Toilet S550e is a product we can really get behind. Along with being one of the first hands-off toilet experiences offered on the market today, it offers brand new automatic features to make the flushing and cleaning process easier than ever before. You’ll feel like royalty when sitting on this throne.  


Red Rules 

Nice Faucet in Red by Fantini

Leave it to Fantini to consistently create cutting edge, forward thinking fixtures. It seems they pulled out all the stops with this enigmatic faucet--an exploration of color and translucent elements that create a surprising optical effect and a wonderful sensory experience. Red is often associated with desire and love, and we’ve fallen hard.


The Kitchen MVP

Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet by Mick De Giulio by Kallista

Given how hard we’ve forced our kitchens to work this year, isn’t it time we give the kitchen faucet the spotlight?  The Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet illustrates how chic design paired with innovative engineering like the “sweep spray” feature can create a genuine #wowfactor. 


California Cool 

PLP Faucet by Waterstone

If you think old-world craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality from a U.S. faucet manufacturer remains a pipe dream, then think again. Waterstone is a California-based company who deeply understand and stand behind the importance of quality. This faucet has a classic look, but the high level of detail makes it a perfect fit for both traditional and modern kitchens.

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