Old-School Cool with Watermark

It’s a modern world but sometimes it’s old world-style that just feels right. If you’re looking to bring a vintage, industrial look to your kitchen or bath—and one with a hefty dose of hip, we might add, take a look at Watermark. The Brooklyn-based company manufactures faucets and fixtures for residential and commercial projects, and offers dynamic collections available in a staggering array of finishes.

The latest collection, which debuted only a few months ago, is called H-Line, and was created by designer Mark Zeff for a New York City project near—you guessed it—the High Line. (Zeff, who has designed homes for Hilary Swank, Annie Leibovitz and Gabriel Bryne, is currently working on projects for Kimpton, as well as several other U.S. hotels.) The faucets feel like something from a different era, not just for their styling (replete with escutcheons and the engraved H and C for hot and cold) but for their heft and weight. “It feels wonderful in your hands and there is a real sexiness to it,” says the designer. “Their craftsmanship is exceptional, which was so important to me. Watermark took what I envisioned and articulated it perfectly.”

Also new to Watermark’s lineup are additions to its celebrated Elan Vital collection, the collection that took home the 2014 KB Culture Award for Bathroom Fittings. Originally designed just for bathrooms, the collection now includes a pot filler, a sponge/soap holder and an independent side spray, as well as a single hole lavatory version for bathrooms. As with the original Elan Vital designs, these new items can be customized in almost any way (from length and height to the number of elbows) and are available in twelve finishes.

What’s more, Watermark is committed to being an efficient and responsible design and production firm, so you’re assured of water-saving features and environmentally-sound manufacturing practices. It’s that happy combination of looking good and feeling good. Get a look behind the scenes at the factory (as well as some pretty awesome shots of New York City) with this six-minute video produced by Watermark’s president, Avi Abel. Then come in and see the designs in person at Snyder Diamond.

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