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Fabulous Faucets from KWC

Meet Zoe, one of the latest additions to Swiss firm KWC’s illustrious lineup of faucets. Zoe, whose domain is the kitchen, embodies the venerable firm’s commitment to precision, functionality and ecology, all while exemplifying the craftsmanship for which Switzerland is known.

KWC was founded in the 1870s (it produced music boxes before shifting to fixtures) but made a name for itself in 1911, when it garnered commissions to outfit the bathrooms of the Ritz Paris and the Negresco hotel in Nice. The rest, as they say, is history.

What makes Zoe a special addition to the brand is its unusual, sculptural shape and exceptionally user-friendly features. Designed by the German firm NOA Design Studio, the faucet sweeps upward in one arcing movement and terminates in a spout that pivots 270-degrees. The ergonomically shaped pull-out extends nearly 20 inches in any direction. But what also makes this design especially modern is its Luminaqua® LED light ring. The ring illuminates not only the water but the entire basin, creating a brightly lit work area. Task lighting for the kitchen sink. Brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? As Michael Zeisel of NOA noted, “We sought functions that could satisfy the most demanding luxury kitchen user, a technologically advanced product that would invite him or her to explore new ways of using this faucet.” Should you not want the light on, a quick tap of the button turns it off. To check out more KWC designs on offer, click here.

And in keeping with Switzerland’s reputation for cleanliness, Zoe incorporates the company’s Jetclean™ system, which reduces lime deposits. As water flows through the spray, the outlets in its faceplate (made of a soft but sturdy material) expand to prevent deposits from accumulating. If any residue remains, it can be easily removed with the swipe of a finger. As well, KWC’s Turn And Clean™ allows the faceplate to be easily removed so that the aerator can be washed. No tools required. Adding to the hygienic nature of the faucet’s design, there are very few seams or joints—no dirt collects in the nooks and crannies, so it’s a breeze to wipe clean.

The award-winning design operates with a low-profile lever that uses an innovative sliding mechanism; the lever moves in three directions to control the water flow and temperature. It’s worth noting that the lever pulls forward for cold water and back for hot water—a common-sense feature that will help protect children from burning themselves. Style and safety. Now that’s Swiss perfection.

The faucet is available in chrome, steel, black, white and champagne.


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