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Ten Exceptional Bathtubs

From TOTO to Victoria + Albert, check out some of our favorite bathtubs on the market.

Everyone has stressors in their lives. Whether work, family, or world events, sometimes we need to retreat to that special place of relaxation. So, turn the lights down, the music up, and wash away your cares with a dip in one of these luxurious tubs.

Vessel by Claybrook

Featuring smooth, elegant lines and a contemporary design from Meyer Davis, Vessel by Claybrook is another gorgeous entry in their reconstituted stone series that’s the perfect depth for those long soaks.

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Cheshire by Victoria + Albert

If classic is what you covet, then this is the tub for you. Hand-polished in South Africa and featuring customizable ball and claw feet, this statement piece wouldn’t look out of place in Buckingham Palace...or your bathroom.

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Aurora by Native Trails

Copper tubs have mostly gone the way of the dodo, but every once in a while a truly spectacular model shows up. Forged from high-quality recycled copper and crafted by thousands of hammer strikes, this piece of functional art is ready to be your relaxation destination.

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Mida by Devon & Devon

Bathing in gold might be impractical, but bathing in a gorgeous clawfoot tub covered in 24kt gold leaf might just be the next best thing. 

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Bowie by MTI Baths

Making the most of the textures trend with its “pleated exterior” design, this is one tub that looks like nothing else. Well, maybe a cupcake liner, but we’re certainly not going to hold that against them.

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BeOne by Bain Ultra

Utilizing a circular design and air jets to create a unique massaging action, this Japanese-style tub’s as innovative as it is beautiful.

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Papillon by Stone Forest

Starting as solid blocks of stone before being lovingly shaped with hammer and chisel, these functional pieces of art are truly something to behold.

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Stargaze by Kohler

If a full body massage featuring humidified air jets and an ergonomic design that allows for deep soaking sounds like the ultimate in relaxation, then this tub is a must-see.

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Athens by Americh

Beautifully shaped from Mineral Cast and including an integrated overflow and waste with polished chrome trim, this tub is a looker to say the least.

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Flotation Tub by Toto

Blue Origin might be little more than a dream for most of us, but zero gravity flotation is within reach thanks to this innovative tub and its relaxing application of technology.

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