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SD Staff Picks | 9 Favorite Kitchen & Bath Products

Discover these carefully curated must-have kitchen & bathroom products.

Our Favorite 9 Kitchen & Bath Producs | Snyder DiamondSnyder Diamond Van Nuys Showroom

As the people who help our customers day in and day out with building their ideal kitchens and bathrooms, Snyder Diamond’s sales associates use their product training, experience, and expertise to independently select products that will boost wellness, beauty, and productivity in your daily life. 

Wake up to the smell of a barista-quality cup of coffee. Prepare for the day in front of a mirror that perfectly illuminates your face while giving you access to weather and business news. At night, come home to your bathtub equipped with features that soothe inflammation and wash your stress away. Check out this hand-picked list of Snyder Diamond favorites that will turn daily routines into personalized, luxurious rituals.

Zip Water HydroTap

Zip Water HydroTap Design Range ARC TapZip Water HydroTap Design Range ARC Tap

“The Zip Water HydroTap faucet is an all-in-one faucet: filtered chilled water, filtered sparkling water, and filtered boiling hot water. This is the only one of its kind on the market—no other competitors offer boiling hot water in combination with chilled, sparkling, and tap water all in one unit. The unit self-calibrates depending on elevation—the water boils at different points at different altitudes. The sparkling water can also be adjusted to allow more CO2 or less CO2, offering you the perfect desired amount of bubbles in your sparkling water.” 

— Robert Johnson, Santa Monica Showroom Manager.
Fun facts: Ribeye steak is Robert’s favorite food. His favorite color? Red!

Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror Ava Lighted MirrorElectric Mirror Integrity with Ava Lighted Mirror

“I love the Electric Mirrors with SmartLook™ technology, especially the Ava™ feature and its color-tuning technology that allows you to change the light to match the environment you’re about to find yourself in. You get to see how your makeup will look in the outdoor light setting, indoor light setting, and evening light setting. They’re also equipped with TV, and I love to watch the morning news when getting ready for the day. It also functions as a mini-computer—you can look information up via the apps. Fun fact, before Ava was a standard feature that Electric Mirror offered, a customer of mine asked for a custom Electric Mirror like the ones found in Sephora stores. After I worked with Electric Mirrors to make that happen for her, they began offering the Ava feature as a standard feature. The quality is unparalleled—and I honestly believe every bathroom should have an Electric Mirror.”

Heather Garcia-Curtis, Kitchen & Bath Sales Specialist at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica.

Fun facts: Heather played piano, sax, flute, and violin as a child and can still learn to play songs by ear, which her two kids love.  

Miele Coffee Machines

Miele Countertop Coffee MakerMiele Countertop Coffee Maker

“The Miele coffee machines are my favorite items from this manufacturer. As with most well-known German-made products, Miele coffee machines are built with the highest quality materials that have been tested over many years. The machines are self-cleaning, programmable, come in a variety of sleek colors, and deliver superb-tasting coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas, and other beverages that transport you to your favorite barista in seconds. I highly recommend this product to those who want a coffee maker that produces an upscale and enjoyable beverage experience.”

Lyz Summerville, Will Call Supervisor at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica.

Fun facts: Lyz loves fashion & home design, dancing, singing, entertaining, and spending time in the kitchen with her family.

Waterstone Wheel Faucet

Waterstone Traditional Wheel FaucetWaterstone Traditional Wheel Faucet

Waterstone is a family-owned, American-made solid brass construction company, with workers that truly support each other and stand by its products. They take pride in all aspects of the manufacturing process down to the shipping boxes. I had the privilege to visit the Waterstone factory and I was left in awe of the first-class operation they run, and the customer service is on par with the fabulous products. Waterstone faucets are beautiful and the finishes are spectacular.”

Tony Perez, Parts Sales Associate at Snyder Diamond Van Nuys.
Fun facts: SD has been part of Tony’s life for 45 years and counting being the 5th family member to work for the company. Tony was proudly voted “Most Inspirational Employee” by his peers and coworkers in 2022, served four years in the Marine Corps, is a Dessert Storm Veteran, and loves spending time with his wife and dogs, and playing golf

Mr. Steam Showers

Mr. Steam Linear SteamHead®, iSteam®3 steam shower control and ChromaSteam3® system Mr. Steam Linear SteamHead®, iSteam®3 steam shower control and ChromaSteam3® system

“Installing a Mr. Steam unit in any bathroom elevates the bathing experience. It’s relaxing, invigorating, and also promotes respiratory health and healthy skin. Having a steam bath evokes a sense of luxury and provides plenty of wellness benefits so it’s not surprising that Mr. Steam products have become so popular amongst homeowners, designers, architects and other trade professionals.”

Assia Hernandez, Bath & Kitchen Specialist - Builder Division at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica. 

Fun facts: Assia love to travel, enjoys long road trips, and hopes to visit all of the national parks with her family.

Hydro Systems Cold Plunge

Hydro Systems bathtub with Cold Plunge featureHydro Systems Cold Plunge System

“One of my new favorite products is the Cold Plunge feature from Hydro Systems. With so many home trends focused on wellness these days, this product can bring lots of health benefits to your home. Hydro Systems’ cold plunge can reduce inflammation in the body, reduce stress, and boost your immune system. You can access all of these health benefits right in your primary bathroom tub, with plenty of style options.” 

Brian Cousens, Builder Sales Manager at Snyder Diamond Van Nuys.

Fun facts: Brian loves trying new restaurants with friends and family and enjoys testing new recipes on his grill, smoker, and pizza oven. He’s also a big sports fan and a big Dodgers, Lakers, and Trojans fan. 

Mario Romano Walls

Mario Romano Walls 3D Textured SurfaceMystic Manor in Los Angeles, California. Exterior by M.R. Walls.

“Mario Romano Walls, also known as M.R. Walls, are new to the showrooms and are currently my favorite product. The walls are simple, yet luxurious, elegant, and easy to install—I’ve never seen anything like it before. You’ll see M.R. Walls in high-end hotels, bars, and other hospitality-focused businesses. They can customize the design however you like, and it comes in all different sizes.” 

Raymond Deravakian, Builder Sales at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica.
Fun facts: With SD for more than 15 years, Raymond is a big soccer fan and enjoys a good steak.

Miele Washer and Dryer

Miele Washer and DryerMiele Washer and Dryer

“I’m a huge fan of Miele washers and dryers. They’re compact, efficient, and beautifully designed. Miele makes 90% of their own products instead of farming manufacturing production out to other companies which gives them a competitive edge.” 

David Minoofar, Kitchen and Bath Specialist at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica.

Fun facts: David has been with Snyder Diamond for one year and is known as the “rising star in appliances” by his team. He is honest, straightforward, and easy to deal with. His favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan, for him it’s the perfect dabble of gore, teamwork, and patriotism.

The Galley Workstation Sink

The Galley Kitchen Sink AccessoriesThe Galley Workstation Sink

“The Galley is the first company to showcase and produce sliding kitchen sink accessories. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, their novel approach to sink accessories wowed me—instead of using countertops and drawers for storage, the sink acts as both a platform to utilize and store the accessories when in use and in stow. I also appreciate how they listen to both their customers and dealerships and continue to innovate. From their initial offering of sinks with cooking accessories, they have branched out with options for faucets, cabinet hardware, and even kitchen dressers. Their core custom materials are made proudly in the United States, from their center in Bixby, Oklahoma.”

Howard Poon, Parts Sales at Snyder Diamond Santa Monica.
Fun facts: A nostalgia and tech enthusiast, Howard likes to collect and reverse engineer 80s and 90s obsolete and discontinued electronics.

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