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Miele Kitchens: On Sale Now

Have you seen our billboards around town? We are thrilled to partner with Miele on our first-ever campaign of this kind. We’ve created multiple designs near our locations in Santa Monica, North Hollywood and Pasadena, and it’s been a really fun way for us to share the 10%-off Miele kitchen promotion that runs through November 30, 2018. You’ve still got lots of time to take advantage of the sale. But why wait?

It’s been a busy year for Miele, who introduced an all-new Graphite Gray color option, a newly designed 30-inch-wide Speed Oven (which combines microwave and convection techniques, so you can defrost, bake, reheat, broil and crisp all in a single oven), new wireless technology for ventilation hoods, and their first-ever Vacuum Sealing Drawer (above). We’re especially excited about the latter since it’s such a terrific appliance for folks who love to plan ahead and to entertain. Vacuum sealing extends the storage life of food and allows for a much more convenient way of portioning and storing larger quantities of food. (Less waste—we love that.) The vacuum-sealing drawer also enables the user to control the sealing level and duration to adjust for delicate items (fish, vegetables, sauces) or to really lock in marinades and seasonings for meats. It also properly prepares food for sous-vide cooking—the vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven make a dream team in the kitchen.

It’s such a healthful, easy and fast way to cook—sous vide is something everyone should really consider. It so well suits the L.A. lifestyle. And with Miele’s downloadable, step-by-step guide and recipe book, you’ve got a great resource to guide you through how everything works. Think of it as a tasty way to kick-start those healthy New Year resolutions.

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