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It's the Perfect Time to Chill Out

Pour Yourself a Frosty, Cold Beverage From Your On-Suite Bar, Tap or Butler

As bars close once again and entertainment venues are still shuttered, we find ourselves entertaining at home and wanting to create our own outdoor oasis.   Daydreaming about the days of sipping lavish cocktails poolside or enjoying a baseball game over an ice-cold beer at your favorite pub?  Instead of longing for how things once were, here’s how you can bring those same experiences to the comfort and safety of your own home!

From the perfect ice cube to the tastiest microbrew beer from the tap to a chilled glass of rosé while relaxing in the summer sun, the best part is that it’s at your own leisure. 

  1. Have plenty of ice on hand. 

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Anyone who loves summer parties understands, good ice is a must. Forget the cloudy cubes that dominate the market, you want crystal clear ice like the 15” Clear Ice Machine from TRUE delivers. TRUE ice is much denser than regular ice yielding a slower melting speed and giving you the ability to actually savor a drink. 

This workhorse is the highest performing, most energy-efficient residential model available and can produce up to 70lbs of ice daily and store up to 28lbs at a time. 

Need more than that? We recommend the U-LINE U-Choose Nugget Ice Machines which hold a whopping 90lbs of ice.

  1. Finding a tap that delivers your perfect pour

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For stationary or on-the-go happy hour, MARVEL dispensers offer 3 types of installation (indoor, outdoor-certified built-in and outdoor-certified mobile) and 4 tap kits (Single Standard Tap, Twin Standard Tap, Single Wine Tap, Twin Wine Tap). 

This stunning multi-tasker from MARVEL serves up wine, beer, cold-brew coffee, draft sodas or even kombucha. Plus, you won’t be able to stop ogling over the impeccable fit and finish of their latest models.

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TRUE’s Undercounter Beverage Dispenser is a handcrafted beer tap with advanced airflow technology designed to ensure the perfect frosty pour every time. The unit also converts into an LED wine cooler that will illuminate your heavenly collection in 14 different ethereal hues. 

  1. Chill and serve wine as the winemaker intended.

Storing and serving wine at the recommended temperature brings out the complexities of any wine, highlighting its intended flavor profile, character, and bouquet, ensuring the perfect balance of aroma, flavor, structure, and alcohol. Proper storage preserves the integrity of your wine. 

U-LINE’s 5-Class Wi-Fi Ready Dual-Zone Wine Refrigeration uses convection cooling, and a state-of-the-art variable speed compressor to maintain temperature control and protect your wine from vibration, UV light and humidity. Dual temperature zone wine refrigerators allow maximum flexibility for storing your favorite reds and whites, rosés, and champagnes, or even ciders and craft beers in one place. For wine enthusiasts, Dual functionality enables you to serve and preserve at the same time. 

For over 50 years, U-LINE has been an innovator in refrigeration technology and wine preservation. Constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve, U-LINE creates products for a modern lifestyle that are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly… Like the new U-Chill In-Counter Cooling device which has been praised for its sophisticated design, and its unique, one-of-a-kind functionality. It is a low voltage, low energy drop-in accessory for any counter or table that maintains a consistent temperature over several hours.

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For the Cadillac of climate control devices, look no further than TRUE’s Dual Zone Wine Cabinet. Smooth glide-out vibration dampening racks hold up to 45 different bottles at adjustable temperature settings. 

The interior boasts TruLumina LED lighting—replete with 14 different color options—from vibrant finish options, including emerald, cobalt, and saffron to subdued finishes such as matte white, glossy black, ultra-matte black, and antique white. 

But designers and sports fans alike may be cheering the loudest over the 54 unique color finish and hardware combinations available at Build Your True and True Customizer for the chic exterior. Match rose gold trim to your glass of rosé or show team spirit with Dodgers’ blue, and you will have the bar of your neighbors will envy. 

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