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Best Health & Wellness Products of 2023 By L.A. Design Experts

L.A. designers share their favorite health & wellness products of 2023. 

Best health & wellness products of 2023TOTO Neorest® Toilet

Living in a city known for, among many things, sunshine, healthy living, and the pursuit of happiness, it’s no wonder many Los Angeles interior designers bring their enthusiasm for holistic well-being to their work. When we had the chance to ask a few of them to recommend products that have the power to ‘transform living spaces into havens of blissful serenity’, or put more simply, ‘promote wellness’, they were quick to share a few recs and faves. From innovative bathroom accessories to soothing self-care essentials, discover what these visionary L.A. designers had to say about their favorite Snyder Diamond health and wellness products of 2023.

Maya Williams 

Maya Williams designs everything with wellness in mind believing that how a home makes you feel goes far beyond aesthetics. Her restorative, intentional design approach creates full sensory experiences—spaces that produce a calming effect and bring undeniable health benefits to her clients’ lives emotionally, physically, and mentally. Utilizing today’s home technology advancements and the finest natural wellness products, Maya uses her connection with nature to take design to another level.

L.A. interior designer Maya Williams from Maya Williams DesignMaya Williams, Interior Designer at Maya Williams Design.


“My main objective is to bring health, healing, and efficiency into every project, and Thermasol is my go-to brand when designing baths. I especially love how they’ve incorporated aromatherapy, rain heads, body jets, chromotherapy light controls, and even speakers into their top-of-the-line steam and sauna units. Home bathrooms can now be just as heavenly as your favorite tranquil spa respite.”

Thermasol Steam Shower | Health & Wellness Products of 2023Thermasol Steam Shower

Jacqueline Steinberg 

A full-service interior designer, Jacqueline is an authority on what she’s coined as “Life Cycle Design”, enabling homeowners to transform their homes into more useful, enjoyable, and healthy living environments according to their ‘life chapters’ and changing lifestyles. She and her team specialize in analyzing a space’s potential and creating pragmatic designs that meet real-life needs.

L.A. interior designer Jacqueline Steinberg from Eve Mode DesignJacqueline Steinberg, Interior Designer at Eve Mode Design.

Environmental Water Systems

Environmental Water Systems is an important resource to reverse the effects of harsh contaminants and chemicals found in tap water. Using filtered water throughout the house and its faucets can promote wellness and help control chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma, eczema, and other skin problems.”

Environmental Water Systems Water Filtration System | Best Health & Wellness ProductsEnvironmental Water Systems Water Filtration

Erica Islas

For more than twenty years, award-winning architectural interior designer Erica Islas has offered her clients an innovative and luxurious take on the axiom “form follows function”. Whether it's refreshing classic Lloyd Wright residences or turning power rooms into jewel boxes, Islas is praised for her floor-to-ceiling turn-key renovations. The design industry consistently looks to Islas and her full-service residential interior design firm, EMI Interior Design Inc., for ways to freshen up classic ideas. EMI Interior Design has been frequently recognized in Architectural Digest, Dwell, the Los Angeles Times, and Luxe among other prestigious publications.

L.A. interior designer Erica Islas from EMI Interior DesignErica Islas, Interior Designer at EMI Interior Design.

Mr. Steam Unit 

“The benefits from Mr. Steam products are countless. Steam has been a well-kept secret for centuries when it comes to achieving a youthful appearance. However, the advantages extend far beyond skin health—steam also promotes improved circulation, assists in lowering blood pressure, reduces stress levels, relieves congestion, loosens stiff joints, and provides an overall boost to your immune system while aiding in the removal of toxins. The Mr. Steam Unit is truly beneficial and is an indispensable addition to your wellness routine.”

Mr. Steam Steam Shower System | Wellness and Health Products 2023Mr. Steam Steam Shower System

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is a self-taught artist who followed her love of beauty into the business of interior design. Today she collaborates with sunlight, ocean breezes, and local flora to create unique environments for adventurous homeowners in Southern California. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Forbes and other noteworthy publications.

L.A. interior designer Kim Gordon from Kim Gordon DesignsKim Gordon, Principal at Kim Gordon Designs.

Zerobody Dry Floatation Experience

“At Kim Gordon Designs we love to recommend the ZeroBody Dry Float to our clients because it offers deep health benefits and relaxation without hassle. One can recharge and decompress by simply laying down and soaking in the benefits of a warm water float session, without actually getting soaked. No outfit changes, no getting wet or sweaty, and no huge time commitment. Simple, easy, stress-free—recharge.”

Zerobody Dry Floatation BedZerobody Dry Flotation Bed

Lauren Martin-Moro

Born and raised in a household of design enthusiasts, Lauren possesses an innate sense of quality and has curated an impressive network of elite craftsmen, artisans, and vendors specializing in vintage furnishings, whom she brings to each of her projects. Renowned publications such as Architectural Digest, HGTV, NBC, Domino and other international publications, have praised her distinctive style— characterized by relaxed elegance, effortless refinement, and the essence of California living. Her ability to weave juxtaposing periods and styles into unique curated spaces mirrors the distinctive personalities of her high-profile, international clientele, ranging from executives to jet-setting entrepreneurs to leaders in the media and entertainment industry.

L.A. interior designer Lauren Martin-Moro from LM Design AssociatesLauren Martin-Moro, Founder at LM Design Associates.

Mr. Steam Towel Warmer

“Nothing says quiet luxury quite like a warm towel waiting for you after a refreshing shower. Mr. Steam’s modern towel warmer has a timer for energy efficiency and blends perfectly into any style of bathroom design. It also functions as an aroma diffuser, utilizing your choice of essential oils to provide an immersive aromatherapy experience. We're looking forward to using it in one of our ongoing renovation projects, a classic Spanish-style estate located in the picturesque landscapes of Southern California.”

Mr. Steam Towel WarmerMr. Steam Towel Warmer

Gail E. Jamentz

Pasadena-based residential interior designer Gail E. Jamentz, principal of her firm Soul Interiors Design, focuses on designing spaces that enhance one’s physical and mental wellness. She is a UCLA Interior and Environmental Design Program graduate, and an active member of the National Kitchen and Bath Institute (NKBA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Her work has been featured in Dwell Magazine, HGTV, Forbes, and Homes & Gardens, among other prestigious publications.

L.A. interior designer Gail E. Jamentz from Soul Interiors DesignGail E. Jamentz, Principal at Soul Interiors Design.

Beko’s 30” Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

“As a designer that focuses on creating healthy interiors that support well-being, I always encourage clients to think about their kitchens as their “wellness center,” not just an attractive room to cook in. As such, we give thoughtful consideration to their appliance package which should include a quality refrigerator with an advanced food preservation system to keep organic produce fresh for weeks. One favorite is Beko’s 30” bottom freezer refrigerator with HarvestFresh™ technology. This feature utilizes a three-color interior light system in the crisper drawers to simulate the 24-hour sun cycle. The benefit: fruits and vegetables retain their vitamins and minerals longer than a normal refrigeration system, and consumers create less green waste by consuming produce, rather than tossing expired items.”

Beko 30” bottom freezer refrigerator with HarvestFresh technologyBeko 30” bottom freezer refrigerator with HarvestFresh™

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold is a wellness design consultant, popular industry speaker, contributor, blogger, and the award-winning author of three books, including Wellness by Design: A Room-by-Room Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness and Happiness (Simon & Schuster, 2020).

 L.A. interior Designer Jamie GoldJamie Gold, Founder at Jamie Gold Kitchen, Bath and Wellness Design, LLC.

TOTO Neorest® Toilet 

“My favorite wellness product? That’s a tough question for a whole home-focused wellness design author and consultant, you realize! I look for products that enhance one (ideally more) of these five facets of wellness design: Health & Fitness, Safety & Security, Accessibility, Functionality, and Comfort & Joy. Let’s look at the functionality of TOTO bidet seats, or bidet-style toilets. First, this product enhances health with thorough, gentle cleansing; safety, by allowing for personal hygiene without having to climb in and out of a tub; accessibility, by making it easier for someone with mobility challenges to handle their personal needs, and definitely comfort for anyone who has spent a long day in bicycle shorts or on a horse! Duravit and Kohler also make models worth considering.”

TOTO Neorest® Smart ToiletTOTO Neorest® Toilet

Summer Jensen

Summer Jensen is the CEO and principal of Hawk & Co, an interior design firm that pays homage to Jensen’s Hawaiian family roots—the ka’io is Hawaii’s native hawk, whose noble symbolism corresponds to Jensen’s dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Initially focused on hospitality design, she became captivated by creating spaces that encompassed theatrical experiences. Her ability to use spatial aesthetics to create lavish wonderlands led her to design the internationally successful Juicy Couture flagship stores. Today Hawk & Co. focuses on high-profile residential clients and collaborates with a number of renowned architects including Shubin Donaldson, Mark Signer, CJ Light, Brandon Architects, and Richard Meier and Associates, to create some of Southern California’s most luxurious homes.

L.A. interior Designer Summer Jensen from Hawk & CoSummer Jensen, CEO, Principal of Hawk & Co.

Effe Perfect Wellness Yoku S Sauna

“This is the premier steam/sauna cabin, a true masterpiece in design and functionality. The finishes boast a natural, stunning array of stain colors. I also can’t say enough about the captivating experience provided by the LED backlighting, complete with blue light and red light therapies. The entire unit can be assembled in a single day, eliminating concerns about schedule disruptions—this is a no-brainer.”

Effe Perfect Wellness Yoku S SaunaEffe Perfect Wellness Yoku S Sauna

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