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5 Ways Radiant Floor Heating from Warmup will Change Your Life

If you're thinking about upgrading your heating system, maybe it's time to really consider the benefits of radiant floor heat. 

British-based company Warmup understands the comfort in-floor heat brings—so much so, they’ve set the bar with industry exclusives that include leading warranties and the only peel-and-stick membrane on the market, a design that saves time and money. Plus, the company provides clear, personalized installation plans for your project layouts.

This week, we’re looking at some of radiant heat’s greatest benefits. They just might surprise you. And let’s face it, a warm Angeleno is a happy Angeleno.

No Clunky Equipment

Because it’s tucked right under your flooring, it’s completely out of sight. There’s no need to think about things like vents and radiators. It completely frees up your design. And there’s no worry about what you put down. Wood, tile, carpet — it all works. The only visible aspect is a sleek-looking thermostat. And yes, it’s smart and connects to your phone, Alexa, whatever you want.

Even Heat Distribution

The warmth is delivered across the entirety of the floor, not just from one point in the room. And because it’s installed throughout the house, there’s no temperature change as you move from room to room.  

It’s Just Healthier 

Along with pushing out heat, forced-air systems push out allergens, dust, germs. Yuck. They’re also really drying since they lower humidity. Your skin and hair will thank you.

It’s Silent

While the clanking of an old-fashioned radiator may have a certain charm, we live in world of excess noise. Why not cut out an unnecessary disturbance? It’s all the more important for a restful sleep. 

You’ll Save Money

Yes, there is an up-front expense to installing radiant heat but you’ll see your monthly bills go down. Because the heat come up evenly across the home, it’s using less energy to reach your chosen temperature. Plus, experts from the Warmup Customer Experience Team work to carefully to understand your layouts and provide true estimates.

What’s it Look Like Under There? We’ll Show You.

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