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10 Best Appliances For Entertaining Guests & Hosting Holiday Parties

Discover the must-have appliances for hosting and entertaining guests this holiday season.

10 Best Appliances for Entertaining Guests & Hosting Holiday Parties

Ah—the joys of the holidays. For many of us they represent an interesting dichotomy—increased responsibilities, less time, higher expectations, but also more joy, and celebration. For many of us, this is one of the few times of the year we get to connect with friends and family, and to cook, eat and entertain. Even the Martha Stewarts and Guy Fieri’s of the world will likely agree that orchestrating memorable holiday dinners can be a daunting task. From planning the menu to managing cooking times and juggling various dishes, all while greeting your guests and taking part in conversations—hosting duties can be overwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, in today's technologically advanced culinary landscape, modern kitchen appliances have emerged as true lifesavers for home chefs. 

From large induction cooktops to versatile beverage centers, these kitchen marvels are designed to simplify meal preparation, ensure culinary perfection, and allow you more time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re looking to mitigate holiday cooking stress and impress your guests with your technological prowess, make sure to browse these 10 appliances for entertaining guests and hosting holiday parties.


With its precise temperature and preservation control, Dacor’s WineStation is a cutting-edge wine storage and dispensing system that revolutionizes how wine is enjoyed and conserved in homes. Its advanced technology allows users to enjoy their favorite wines one glass at a time, without the worry of oxidation or spoilage. It also looks beautiful, featuring a sleek and sophisticated design that will add a splash of elegance to your space. For technophiles and wine connoisseurs that want to ensure that each pour is as fresh and flavorful as the first, the WineStation by Dacor is a definitive game-changer that will provide you and your guests with a truly innovative, elevated wine experience.

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Dacor WineStation and Dacor range in white kitchenDacor WineStation


Viking ranges like the Viking 48" dual fuel range are a true kitchen powerhouse designed to elevate your cooking experience when hosting guests. With its eight powerful burners, this range provides ample cooking space and versatility, making it ideal for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously. Whether you're simmering sauces, sautéing vegetables, or searing steaks, the precise control and high-performance of Viking's range ensures culinary perfection. The large oven capacity accommodates even the most extensive meal preparations, and the convection technology ensures even baking and roasting results. For hosts who love to entertain, the Viking 8 burner range is a must-have, allowing you to effortlessly prepare gourmet feasts for your guests while showcasing a stunning centerpiece in your kitchen.

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Viking 48" Dual Fuel Range in a modern design kitchenViking 48" Dual Fuel Range


The Sub-Zero undercounter beverage centers are a host's secret weapon for creating the ultimate entertaining space. These sleek and compact units are designed to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, from wines and beers to sodas and mixers. With precise temperature control, UV-resistant glass doors, and customizable shelving, they offer an ideal solution for storing and displaying a wide variety of drinks. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party, game day gathering, or just want quick access to refreshments, Sub-Zero's beverage centers allow you to ensure that your guests have beverages at their fingertips. Sub-Zero beverage centers units not only elevate the convenience of entertaining but are beautifully designed and will undeniably upgrade your bar or kitchen area. If you’re the kind of host that aims to lavish your guests with luxurious hospitality, make sure to learn more about Sub-Zero’s beverage centers. 

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Sub-Zero undercounter beverage center in a neutral modern designed dining roomSub-Zero Undercounter Beverage Center


Large induction cooktops like the Thermador Liberty® induction cooktop shown here, are a true game-changer for hosts and home chefs. With its spacious 36-inch surface and innovative induction technology, it provides exceptional cooking flexibility and precision. When hosting friends and family, this cooktop's numerous benefits shine through—its lightning-fast heating and cooling capabilities allow you to prepare dishes quickly, ensuring that your guests are served delicious, restaurant-quality meals without long wait times. The precise temperature control and responsiveness of induction cooking make it ideal for delicate dishes or high-heat cooking, catering to a wide range of culinary preferences. Thermador continues to serve as an industry leader in induction technologies, but their focus on innovation and performance doesn’t mean they skimp on aesthetics—the sleek titanium gray design is remarkably chic and will integrate beautifully into a broad variety of kitchen designs. 

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Thermador induction cooktop with salmon steaks and vegetablesThermador Induction Cooktop


Never run out of ice again. Scotsman ice makers are an indispensable asset when it comes to hosting guests this holiday. These high-performance ice makers ensure a steady and abundant supply of crystal-clear, taste-free and odorless ice. Perfect for cocktails and iced beverages, Scotsman ice makers keep drinks or food refreshingly cold thanks to their cutting-edge technology, producing ice quickly and efficiently. The benefit of Scotsman ice machines lies in their ability to enhance the overall guest experience by elevating drinks, cocktails and food platters to a professional level. Whether you're hosting a holiday party, dinner, or simply enjoying a summer barbecue, having a Scotsman ice maker ensures your guests are always treated to beverages and appetizers that are perfectly chilled and beautifully presented.

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Scotsman ice appetizers and drinks with crudite and shrimp cocktailScotsman Ice Maker


The JennAir dishwasher is a host’s life-saver. This exquisitely designed dishwasher features advanced technology that ensures spotless, sparkling dishes and a dose of peace of mind knowing you won’t be cleaning a dozen wine glasses and multiple pots and pans past midnight. The JennAir dishwasher is all about power, offering versatile wash cycles and powerful cleaning capabilities that can easily handle extra-large loads of dirty dishes, cookware, and utensils. This means less time spent on post-party cleanup and more time to enjoy the company of your guests. Named “the quietest luxury dishwasher brand”, JennAir’s dishwasher won't disrupt the ambiance of your gathering, and its customizable interior accommodates a variety of dish sizes and shapes. Focus on creating memorable moments with your guests, get a JennAir dishwasher.

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JennAir dishwasher in navy blue paneled kitchenJennAir Dishwasher


Monogram continues to deliver cutting-edge high-end kitchen appliances with their hearth oven—a culinary wonder that brings the authentic art of hearth cooking directly into your home. This versatile oven not only bakes incredible artisanal bread and pizzas but also roasts, grills, and smokes a wide range of dishes to perfection. Its advanced technology ensures precise temperature control, while its spacious interior can accommodate large cuts of meat and multiple pizzas simultaneously. When hosting guests, the Monogram hearth oven becomes the heart of your kitchen, enabling you to serve restaurant-quality dishes with a deliciously wood-fired flavor that your guests will rave about for months.

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Monogram hearth oven with woman making pizzaMonogram Hearth Oven


Miele's built-in coffee machine is a host's dream appliance which allows you to provide high-tech barista-style coffee from the comfort of your own home. With its intuitive controls and versatile beverage options, you can effortlessly serve a wide range of coffee and espresso creations tailored to your guests' preferences. The Miele coffee machine's speed and consistency ensure that everyone gets their coffee fix without the wait, and its self-cleaning functions make post-party cleanup a no-hassle exercise. It looks great too, featuring a sleek, smart design that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen, saving you valuable counter space. For hosts who appreciate the finer details and want to offer a warm and luxurious experience to their guests, Miele's built-in coffee machine is a great addition that will elevate your hospitality game.

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Miele built-in coffee machine in a contemporary kitchen Miele Coffee Machine 


Create a fun, interactive dining experience right in your home with the Teppanyaki cooktop by Cook-N-Dine. With a flat, stainless steel cooking surface, it's perfect for preparing a variety of dishes, from Japanese teppanyaki classics to international cuisine. The teppanyaki cooktop provides a high-performance cooking space that also serves as an engaging centerpiece where guests can gather, watch their meals being prepared, and even participate in the cooking process. The teppanyaki’s precise temperature control ensures consistent results, while the easy-to-clean surface simplifies post-meal cleanup. So, if you’re looking to create unforgettable dining moments and foster a sense of togetherness, look into Cook-N-Dine’s teppanyaki cooktop.

Discover Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki >

Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki on tables with dinner settingsCook-N-Dine Teppanyaki


If you and your guests enjoy a delicious cold brew—and who doesn’t honestly, True’s beer dispenser is made for you. This appliance ensures that your guests have access to perfectly chilled beer on tap, creating a pub-like experience for you and your guests. The True beer dispenser is super convenient but also offers variety as it’s capable of serving multiple types of beer, each at their ideal serving temperature. Great for a casual get-together, a game day party, or a more formal event, the True beer dispenser enhances the overall hosting experience, and we think it’s just really really cool.

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True beer dispenser on a bar island above True undercounter refrigeratorTrue Beer Dispenser

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