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Our 5 Favorite Kitchen and Bath Products for Wellness

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day with these mood-boosting kitchen and bath ideas. A simple upgrade to a gorgeous new faucet can elevate the everyday, while a new home spa offers long-lasting improvements to your overall health. The rewards of devoting just a little more attention to self-care are many, so let the energy of the New Year inspire you to be—and feel—better. 

Beautify: Timothy Corrigan’s recent design for THG Paris, West Coast, is a pleasure to touch and adds a feeling of refinement to the bathroom. Something as common as washing one’s hands can be enjoyed as a reflective moment. In 1534, Dutch writer Desiderius Erasmus recorded the rules of dining at Hampton Court palace with Henry VII. One included, “When you wipe your hands clean, put good thoughts forward in your mind, for it doesn’t do to come to dinner sad, and thus make others sad.” Take a tip from the Tudors and use the moment to invoke sense of grounding and positivity.

Cook with Steam: Steam is an ancient method of cooking (think rice in China and couscous in North Africa) and it’s one that’s enjoying a revival thanks to its healthy benefits: vitamins and minerals are preserved, colors are maintained or even enhanced, and the natural flavor is retained. It’s also speedy. Miele offers a range of steam ovens that are large, easy to clean and come with an automatic cooking menu that guides you through everything from veggies to salmon, and even lets you cook up to three different dishes simultaneously.

Brighten Up: A mirror is a decorator’s best friend and it should be yours, too, especially in the bathroom. Not only do they add sparkle, they make a room feel lighter and more spacious. The Novo illuminated mirror from Electric Mirror features two bands of vertical frosted light (thus eliminating the need for sconces) and comes in two standard sizes, with many custom options available. Sleek and modern, it’s no wonder they were the choice for designer Lisa Garriss in her design of the new Beverly West Residences on the Wilshire Corridor.

In-Home Spa: There may be no greater indulgence than a luxury home spa like the Logica from Italian wellness leader Effegibi. The Finish-style spa incorporates an enclosed shower and an adjoining Canadian hemlock-clad sauna, plus a sound system that links to your devices and chromo therapy options. The spa was designed in collaboration with Giovanna Talocci, whose Rome-based architecture and design firm’s slogan is “dal sogno alla realtà,” which means “from dream to reality.” A home spa really can be just that—a reality.

Start Sprouting: There’s no better way to ensure the quality of your food than to grow it yourself, and there’s no more convenient way than to do it than right in your kitchen with Urban Cultivator. The petit refrigerators include a self-watering system and allow you to grow fresh greens all year long. Micro greens are a popular addition to meals and offer increased health benefits. Studies have shown that the levels of carotenoids and vitamins C, E and K are forty-times higher than in the mature leaves of the same plants. It’s a fun and tasty way to take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

We’ve got no shortage of ideas and options when it comes to wellness at home. Stop by our showrooms to learn more. 

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