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Viking's Series 7 Refrigeration Line is a Cool, Calculated Coronavirus-Killer

Learn More About the Exclusive Patented BlueZone Technology Found Only In Series 7

Continuously fighting to keep your food safe and fresh… Battling against enemies such as coronaviruses and other germs and bacteria… Camouflaging seamlessly into any kitchen design… With quiet compression and stealth hinge and closing features… We are referring to none other than the Viking Series 7 Refrigeration Line with patented BlueZone technology developed by the Army. This #WellnessWarrior is winning on every design front.

It’s not surprising either. Viking has been bringing commercial grade innovation to the residential market since 1987. The 7 Series features Viking’s exclusive BlueZone Fresh Preservation Technology – a patented air purification system introduced in the Viking products in 2018 that is currently being certified to kill airborne influenza and coronaviruses.

BlueZone technology is so effective in purifying air that it is used in hospital waiting rooms, government facilities, aircraft carriers and cold storage warehouses worldwide. This system keeps the refrigeration unit free of damaging contaminants and kills chemical and biological impurities or converts them to a safe H2O and CO2. 

Viking’s patented technology also maintains your food quality, eliminates cross contamination and reduces odors while saving you money and minimalizing waste. In fact, BlueZone has been proven to add 10- to 15- days shelf life to raspberries. 

This fully integrated refrigeration line fits flush seamlessly into cabinetry with no visible hinges or grills and comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to accommodate any kitchen configuration. 

With Viking’s Series 7 all of your worries really are “out of sight, out of mind”.


7 Series

·       EXCLUSIVE BlueZone™ Fresh Preservation Technologyis a unique, patented air cleaning technology that strips microbes, ethylene gas, hydrocarbons, and odors from the air.

· Proprietary Fully Articulating Hinge has three dimensional adjustability for a perfect fit in integrated installations, and the hinge damper allows for smoothness when opening and closing door

·       Brilliant Led Lighting ensures all items are in clear view with bright, energy efficient, ramp-on theater LED lighting from top and sidewalls.

·       Spillproof Plus™ Shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier to contain spills.

·       Variable-Speed High-Efficiency Overdriv™ Compressor quickly chills food and saves energy.

·       FEATHER TOUCH™ INTERNAL WATER DISPENSER Dispenses filtered water with a single touch.

·       METAL INTERIOR AND METAL DOOR BINS Pre-painted, antimicrobial aluminum interior cabinet for long term durability and odor neutralization.

·       CAPACITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Large user interface with separate key touch controls are intuitive and easy to use.


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Learn More About the Exclusive Patented BlueZone Technology Found Only In Series 7

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