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The Latest from Jenn-Air

Since Jenn-Air’s introduction of the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961, the company has pushed the market forward with beautifully designed appliances that not only integrate the latest technologies but that keep efficiency at their core. This week, we’re taking a closer look at two of the company’s latest additions, its 36-inch induction cooktop and 15-inch modular collection.

The company recently introduced its first induction downdraft cooktop, which you see below, melding two technologies. The 36-inch cooktop offers the responsiveness of induction cooking (induction uses electromagnetic energy to turn cookware into the heat source, providing instant heat and precise temperature control) with Jenn-Air's powerful downdraft ventilation technology. By pulling smoke, steam and odors down through the center of the cooktop, rather than up to an overhead vent, kitchens remain fresher and cleaner. And because the vent is flush with the countertop—no hood necessary—it’s perfect for islands or those that want an especially open, modern kitchen. (You can see it in action here.) Flanking the downdraft are 3,700-watt cooktops that can accommodate up to 6 pots at once. The sensor-driven, pan-detection technology ensures the cooktop will only activate when appropriately sized cookware is placed upon it. Included in the cooktop are a performance boost feature (it raises the cooking temperature above the highest setting for up to 10 minutes) and additional specialty heat settings like a melt-and-keep-warm level that keeps components like sauces perfectly warm until the rest of the meal is ready. For even greater ease, each cooking element has its own timer. And with its jet-black ceramic glass surface, clean up is a breeze.

Just this spring, Jenn-Air rounded out its offerings with a new collection of 15-inch cooking modules, below. With flush-to-counter installation, they create a clean and unified look, and they can be combined in myriad ways—even with larger cooktops from the Jenn-Air collection—for a completely customized design. Tailor them to your cooking needs, use them to augment your existing appliances, or consider using them as a separate prep station or for a guesthouse or bar area. They’re especially well suited to small spaces, a topic we recently covered on the blog. The modules include a wok, an induction cooktop, a gas cooktop, a chrome-infused electric griddle, and a gas cooktop with a wok ring. And, being downdraft specialists, there is also a sleek 4-inch vent module designed to work with everything in the collection.

Curious to know more? We have all the answers. You can also learn more about Jenn-Air with a look through some of our previous posts on the firm.

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