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Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware Trends & Ideas For 2024

Transform your kitchen & bathroom with these interior hardware trends.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware for Interior DoorFranz Viegener

If you’ve ever shopped for cabinet or door interior hardware, then you’ve probably experienced a sense of ‘overchoice’ when wading through the voluminous amounts of fixture shapes, styles, materials and finishes available—and the endless possibilities. This is exactly why we’re here to share these bath and kitchen hardware trends for 2024—from hardware color to finishes for kitchens and bathrooms including cabinetry, drawers, and doors.

Do gold knobs match my blue cupboards? What hardware finish will compliment my white marble countertops? Will these black-matte pulls work well in my natural-wood kitchen? These are the questions we respond to every day at our Santa Monica, Pasadena, and new Van Nuys showrooms, and our sales associates are here to guide you through ‘analysis paralysis’ should it happen to strike. And, if you want to know more about what’s hot and trending in hardware, we have decades of experience working with SoCal homeowners & design trade professionals and have our fingers firmly on the pulse.

Cabinet Interior Hardware For Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you’re new to the world of interior hardware for kitchen and bathrooms, the term “hardware” in this context generally refers to the cabinet, drawer, and door knobs, pulls, handles and hinges you find in a home’s kitchen and bath areas. All of these types of interior hardware serve an important functional purpose but can also add an element of style, texture, or color to your surroundings if you so choose.

Cabinet Finishes For The Kitchen and Bath

The term “finish” relates to the material of the hardware itself—in other words, what type of material the pull or knob was made of, and how it was finished during the manufacturing process. Materials can range from lustrous brass gold to sleek nickel, timeless bronze, or the understated elegance of brushed or matte textures. Does it feature a living finish, stripped of any protective lacquer and intended to patina naturally over time, or is it intended to retain its shine with a protective high-gloss polish? The choice of cabinet finishes for the kitchen and bathroom is all yours.


For many of us, the kitchen is where we exercise our creativity—so it stands to reason that a kitchen’s aesthetic has the power to heighten our inspiration and galvanize our inner chefs. When it comes to kitchens, as well as bathrooms, blue remains a perennial customer favorite. We often see homeowners and trade professionals turn to hardware with gold finishes for their blue cabinets and the bright gold tones bring warmth and contrast to cool blues, evoking a sense of subdued drama.  

Cabinet Hardware Idea for Kitchen Cabinet Door Knob(L) Emtek Hunter Cabinet Knob, (R) Kari McIntosh Design | Photo: Christopher Stark

Emtek 86702 Hunter Cabinet Knob 1-1/4”. Emtek Hunter Cabinet Knob CA Home + Design Winter Issue, by Kari McIntosh Design Kari McIntosh Design | Photo: Christopher Stark


In vogue since the 1960s, black matte hardware and its elegance endure. Although brushed or polished chrome, stainless steel, and brass hardware is still frequently used with and around marble surfaces, black matte with marble maintains its popularity for those seeking a practical smudge and fingerprint-resistant finish and a high-contrast, luxurious look.

Emtek Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Lever(L) Emtek Black Matte And Marble Lever, (R) And And And Studio

Emtek black matte and marble lever Emtek Black Matte And Marble Lever Kitchen Design, by And And And Studio And And And Studio


Gold is undeniably glamorous. The ultimate symbol of luxury, gold pulls, knobs, and other hardware pair marvelously with olive and other earthy green hues to create a moody moment that feels both chic and organic. 

Bathroom Cabinets & Door Handles(L) Buster + Punch Door Handle, (R) Linette Dai Design

Buster + Punch door handle Buster + Punch Door Handle Bathroom, by Linette Dai Design Linette Dai Design


Aged brass has definitely become a ‘thing’ here in Los Angeles (and beyond) and we couldn’t be happier about it. Aged brass pulls, knobs, and hinges are intentionally left unlacquered during the manufacturing process, which allows them to naturally oxidize and develop a patina—a thin film on the hardware’s surface that gradually forms over time as a result of natural wear and exposure to external elements. Anyone can polish the heck out of a patina on your hardware to maintain its initial gleam, but many of our customers are seeking hardware that has a ‘lived in’ look and has a story to tell. Pairing aged-brass hardware with a variety of wood surfaces continues to be a customer favorite—together they create an elegant organic vibe that feels timeless and decidedly un-trendy. 

Designer Interior Doorware hardware(L) Designer Doorware, by Sophie Goineau. (R) Buster + Punch Hardware | Shih-Shih Interior Design

Designer Doorware hardware, designed by Sophie Goineau Designer Doorware, by Sophie Goineau MJ Residence with Buster + Punch hardware, by Shih Interior Design. Buster + Punch Hardware | Shih-Shih Interior Design


Just the thought of black and gold takes some of us drama queens straight to Art Deco and the shiny black lacquer and gold decorative motifs and grandiosity that defined movies and U.S. design in the 1930s. Think Greta Garbo, sweeping down a sinuous curved staircase in breathtaking gowns surrounded by silk and furs while sipping champagne and you get the picture. Black and gold still strongly symbolize glamor today, so if you’re looking to create a high-end, luxurious look, this is a winning option. 

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Handle(L) Alno, Inc Alta Moda Pull, (R) BlueStar Range | Chateau Kitchens

Alno, Inc Alta Moda Pull A2904-3 Alno, Inc Alta Moda Pull BlueStar Range, Kitchen by Chateau Kitchens. BlueStar Range | Chateau Kitchens


Steel hardware against a white backdrop provides a sleek modern combination that’s favored by both trade professionals and homeowners. White amplifies light but mingles crisply with stainless steel—it’s a fresh look that never goes out of style. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, steel is recognized as an eco-friendly material thanks to its recyclable and reusable nature. According to the World Steel Association, around 650 million tons of steel are recycled annually, so this pairing reflects a commitment to both style and sustainability.

Buster + Punch Steel T-Bar Kitchen Cabinet Handle(L) Buster + Punch Steel T-Bar Handle, (R) Buster + Punch | Stockholm Apartment

Buster + Punch Steel T-Bar Handle Buster + Punch Steel T-Bar Handle Kitchen Renovation, by Sofie Viktorsson. Buster + Punch | Stockholm Apartment


A polished nickel interior-hardware finish continues its reign as a popular go-to for trade professionals and homeowners here in L.A. We often see customers pair polished nickel handles, knobs, pulls, and hinges with wood cabinetry, doors, and drawers as the sleek silvery shine contrasts well with the organic warmth of wood textures and hues. As contrast tends to be key to creating an alluring visual moment, designers often opt to pair polished nickel hardware with Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry and other woods that lie on the richer, dark end of the color spectrum. 

Baldwin Hardware(L) Baldwin Hardware Back Plate, (R) Magni Kalman Design & McClean Design

Baldwin Hardware 4941 Transitional Back Plate Baldwin Hardware Back Plate Lake Folsom House, by Magni Kalman Design & McClean Design. Magni Kalman Design & McClean Design.


If you’re looking to achieve a timeless look, gold and white remain a classic pairing that evokes airiness and quotidienne luxury. In kitchens and bathrooms, white serves as a great foundational color, so adding in a splash of gold hardware to white cabinetry or doors will give it a little visual pop that will consistently work well—especially if pairing with similar faucets and fixtures. Additionally, the sheer simplicity of this pairing makes it easy to build off when it comes to introducing other colors—pink, blue, grey, black—most colors team beautifully with white and gold.

Cabinet Hardware & Cabinet Door Knobs(L) Top Knobs Ascendra Square Knob, (R) Kitchen Design Group

Top Knobs Ascendra Square Knob Top Knobs Ascendra Square Knob Kitchen, by The Kitchen Design Group. Kitchen Design Group.

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