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A Wolf in the Kitchen

If you’re struggling with the dilemma of a high-end wall oven that fits the aesthetic of your kitchen, look no further than Wolf’s new M series, specifically designed in three unique styles to complement any décor. The largest product rollout in company history, the all-new American-made ovens not only integrate seamlessly into kitchens, they boast revolutionary heating and airflow technology, making them some of the most efficient and consistent ovens on the market.

Using what Wolf calls Dual VertiCross, a completely redesigned convection system, the ovens house two columnar vertical blower fans and reconfigured heating elements that produce uniform heat and air flow throughout the oven. So long, cool spots. The columnar flow also allows for better multi-rack cooking, meaning two racks worth of holiday cookies will come out evenly baked. (More cookies, even faster—we can get behind that!) The new convection system also includes vertical fans at the rear corners of the oven, which enabled a curved back wall that creates even more interior space.

An intuitive LCD touchscreen control panel makes programming these smart ovens a breeze. With a tap you can roast, bake, broil, proof, dehydrate, bake and warm. There’s even a “gourmet mode” which includes a menu of preset options that guide you through temperature selection and rack placement. Once you choose the setting (say, a Sunday night prime rib), the oven will go on about its business without you, adjusting itself as needed to guarantee a perfect result. As well, the ovens can sync with home systems like Control4, Crestron and Savant to send you notifications. Whether or not they use funny emojis, we can’t say.

The three new designs—contemporary, transitional and professional—offer unprecedented variety in sizes ranging from 27 to 36 inches. Contemporary, as you might imagine, is minimalist, with a handle-less design and black glass; transitional ovens are stainless steel with tubular handles; and the professional look uses stainless steel with pro handles and Wolf’s signature red knobs (though black and stainless knobs are also a no-charge option). The ovens fit standard cabinetry (24" deep) and can be installed proud or flush inset. And, because Wolf is part of Sub-Zero, even further integration is possible with things like matching handles to visually unite products from the two brands. 

Masterly, magnificent, magical, majestic... we don't know what the M in M series officially stands for but any of those adjectives would fit. To see even more products and options from Wolf, visit our showrooms.



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