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Miele Makes Cleanup Cool

For over a century, German appliance company Miele has been at the forefront of the market. The company produces everything from ranges and refrigeration to laundry machines, vacuums and coffee systems, but it really first became known in the United States for its superior dishwashers.

The latest series released by Miele, Generation 6000 Futura Dishwashers, offers some twenty-five new design variations, including the K2O, or Knock2Open—one of the most innovative hands-free designs we’ve seen: the door opens automatically when tapped twice. Each of the new models builds upon the company’s tradition of quality and efficiency, and aligns stylistically with Miele’s latest array of built-in cooking appliances. Plus, they’re quiet! Those of you who attended Dwell on Design this spring likely saw some of the new designs in person; they feature slender stainless-steel trim along the upper edges of the doors, and depending upon the model, front panels are available in CleanTouch Steel, white and black, or can be customized. As well, the new designs feature smart technology, like the FlexiTimer that allows users to decide when to start and stop cycles, economical options like different drying programs, and a half-load sensor that automatically adjusts water and electricity accordingly.

But don’t think that an energy-efficient dishwasher doesn’t have the power to really scrub those dishes clean. Miele designs feature an electronically controlled commercial-grade pump and a spray arm alternation that feeds water to the middle, top and bottom spray arms alternatively, using varying pressure levels. The washers not only save water (clever engineering eliminates the need for pre-rinsing which can conserve up to 3,500 gallons of water per year!), they clean thoroughly and gently.

Miele washers are so gentle, in fact, that they’re the only dishwashers recommended by Riedel glassware. The 250-year old glasshouse rigorously tested its stemware with some 1,500 cycles to simulate twenty years of wear, and thanks to Miele’s Perfect GlassCare function, spray systems and unique basket design, the crystal came out in perfect condition. The firms’ official partnership was announced in 2011.

Also, when shopping Miele dishwashers, keep in mind that many homeowners opt to purchase commercial dishwashers for home use. For those who love to entertain, it’s something to consider. The professional washers accommodate a wide range of baskets and commercial dish racks on two levels, all within a typical residential footprint, and—achtung!—with cycles as speedy as six little minutes.

To learn more about some of Miele’s other new products available at Snyder Diamond, check out our previous post, here.


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