Integrated Wine Storage from Sub-Zero

“A ‘wine-cellar’ need not necessarily be in the cellar,” wrote celebrated Russian wine writer Alexis Lichine in his seminal 1967 encyclopedia, Wine & Spirits. “With a little ingenuity, it is often possible to convert some corner into a store for wines that are to be consumed reasonably soon.” Ah, if he could have only seen the new integrated wine storage systems from Sub-Zero he’d be gobsmacked.

Sub-Zero has long been the industry leader in wine storage but just a few months ago they took it to the next level with the debut of additions and enhancements to existing systems—part of the largest production rollout in the company’s history. New designs include different size options and updated performance features that save your wines from the evils of heat, light, humidity and vibration.

Now, systems offer exactingly precise temperature controls, UV-resistant glass, and a dark interior with subtle LED lighting. Dual-evaporators ensure humidity levels remain where they should to protect the quality of the corks, while specially coated interior racks gently cradle the bottles to counter any vibration that might jiggle sediment loose and alter flavor. As well, the doors feature special hinges for a soft open and close.

The new integrated wine systems are available in a 30-inch size, as well as 18- and 24-inch models (the original design was 27 inches), making it easier than ever to create a cohesive look in your home. The new designs also come with an inventory tag system, as well as specially sized storage options for oversize bottles (welcome to the party, Balthazar and Nebuchadnezzar!) and more diminutive bottles of dessert wine. There’s even a special humidor option for cigar aficionados. And, lest you forget that these are modern-day appliances, they can even connect to your home security system. Now you can better protect your investments… and look devilishly good doing it.

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