Urban Cultivator

We’re blessed with a pretty spectacular climate here in Southern California but if you’re not the gardening type or if you're tired of constantly buying plastic-wrapped greens, meet Urban Cultivator. First available for commercial kitchens, the interior-garden system is now available for residential use, allowing you to grow precisely what you want, when you want—365 days a year. The greenhouse-meets-refrigerator requires a water hookup and, thanks to an easily programmable control center, it manages the watering and lighting needs for you. A built-in fan helps control humidity and air circulation. The Cultivator comes in two distinctive styles: the under-counter model comes with door options that include glass, frost or a dark tint; the freestanding model comes with the same door options but offers a butcher-block top in maple, oak, cherry or walnut. Fresh produce—herbs, wheatgrass, cabbages, lettuces and radishes—with a higher nutritional value than what you’re buying at the store is one quick snip away.  And you’ll be in good company; Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and celebrated British cook Jamie Oliver are fans of the brand. Hydroponics may just be the new star of the kitchen.


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