Cool and Collected: Perlick's 30-Inch Columnar Fridge

Defined by four micro climates, this design is an organizer's dream.

Grocery stores don’t just display things like meat and produce separately for shoppers’ convenience, it’s because different foods have different storage needs. Vegetables need cool, humid conditions to stay crisp; fish requires storage in a cold, dry place. Now, longtime refrigeration leader Perlick is bringing that very that concept to their designs. Called QuatroCool, the preservation system is an industry exclusive that offers four distinct micro zones. You can now independently control temperature, humidity and air quality to accommodate a variety of foods, and the system is making its debut in Perlick’s new 30-inch column refrigerator, which just became available this fall.  

The design includes a handy removable marinating bin, as seen here in Perlick’s 24-inch design.

QuatroCool is an unmatched system that maintains temperatures within one degree of the set point but its most interesting feature may be the innovative tip-out produce bin. Unlike a traditional crisper drawer that relies on decades-old methods of controlling humidity, Perlick electronically monitors the humidity of the produce bin. As produce ages and loses water content, the unit pushes moisture back into the compartment to maintain the humidity necessary to prolong the lifespan of leafy greens and other wilt-prone produce. It’s a financial savings, there’s less wasting of food, it’s energy efficient—and it’s good design, too.

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