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The Latest from Miele

Founded on the promise of “immer besser” (“forever better” in English), German appliance company Miele has remained one of the most coveted brands across the globe for 115 years. The family-owned firm’s range includes everything from vacuums and dishwashers to cooktops, refrigerators and coffee systems—all of which exemplify the luxury, minimalist styling for which the brand is known.

This year brings several exciting additions to Miele's offerings, including the arrival of the Generation 6000 series of appliances, including Miele's first-ever range, the Contour and Pure lines, new MTouch technology, and even more efficient refrigerators, all of which are available on the West Coast exclusively at Snyder Diamond.

The Generation 6000 series offers the most technological and innovative ovens (convection, speed, steam, combination and microwave), warming drawers and coffee systems. What makes them especially dynamic now is the choice of ContourLine or PureLine option, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your style. Contour focuses on the use of stainless steel, with a “frame” around the oven door and an integrated handle milled from a single block of metal, or a unique swivel-handle option available on some ovens, and fits seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Pure, on the other hand, takes a more minimalistic approach with the use of jet-black glass and a stainless steel handle, which seems to almost levitate above the door. Its clean, bold lines makes it the perfect match for ultra-contemporary kitchens and it’s available in two new colorways, Truffle brown and Brilliant white.

Miele ovens are now also even easier to use, thanks to their new MTouch technology. No matter what you’re preparing—from a coffee to a roast—the intuitive tablet-like interface allows you to effortlessly scroll through a menu of options and click what you’re after in just a few seconds. The same interface is used across all Generation 6000 appliances, so that sense of familiarity makes going between appliances all the more simple.

For its new Independence series of refrigerators, the company has created the most ideal micro-climate to date, extending the shelf life of foods by up to three-times longer than most refrigerators. Using their trademark MasterCool technology, there’s no more guessing about how to create the best environment for preserving all those groceries you’ve just brought home. And thanks to the flexibility of the series’ drawer systems, the refrigerators’ interiors are fully customizable by you. To even further exceed expectations, Miele’s refrigerators now feature another trademark technology, RemoteVision, which provides a 24-hour monitoring service and notifies a Miele service center if necessary. (Don’t worry, all midnight snacking goes completely undetected.)

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