Travel Like a Designer: How Adam Hunter Does Salone del Mobile

This spring, interior designer Adam Hunter returns to Salone del Mobile with us, so we’ve asked him for a little travel inspiration and advice, and about what he’s most excited to see. (Want to come along on our adventure? Scroll down for more info.)

Here we go…

Window or aisle?

AH: WINDOW! I like to see the world. Some incredible inspiration has come from seeing the sunsets and the topography.

Your top five carry-on essentials?

AH: Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, my iPad, LipSmart lip balm, Architectural Digest and Skinny Pop and gummi peaches!

It’s 13+ hours from LA to Milan. How do you spend it?

AH: Thirteen hours is never long enough in Delta One. It's as if you’re in another universe—those pods, the movies… the hot fudge sundaes! I’m able to disconnect from the digital world and relax.

How’s your Italian?

AH: Il mio nome è Adam.

What’s the first thing you do upon check in at your hotel?

AH: Immediately drop my bags so I can hit the city and explore. I’m a foodie so I like to check out a few places that I've been eyeing or heard about through friends. The best thing about Milan is that around every corner you find a new spot, and I’ve rarely found a random hole-in-the-wall restaurant that doesn't have the most to-die-for food. I can deal with the pizza and pasta hangover when I get back to LA. A few of my favorite breakfast/brunch spots are Pavè Milano and Sarpi Otto. For dinner try 10 Corso Como or Ceresio 7.

What’s the one thing you're most excited about for this year’s Design Week?

AH: LIGHTING! All things Euroluce! Of course, I’m always excited to see Promemoria, Pulpo, Oasis and Muuto, in light of Palm Springs Modernism Week. ;) Kartell, OBVIOUSLY, and Gervasoni are among a few. Am I missing any? I hope I see even more!

Extending your stay after Salone? If so, where to?

AH: Fortunately, April is a busy time of year for my firm, so I will be heading back to sunny LA.

Your favorite aspect of Salone 2018?

AH: Bringing my team! We were able to explore Milan and its magic together. We had an amazing dinner with The Rug Company at Giacomo Arengario, overlooking the Duomo. By far the best experience.

Your best travel tip:

AH: Pace yourself. I find that going on any design-related trip can be exhausting. However, if you prioritize your events and get enough sleep, you can attend each one of them! It took me a few tries to get this right but I eventually mastered it. Always arrive at least the day before to settle yourself. Stay up as long as possible on that first day so you’re able to sleep through the night.

And what’s the best thing about coming home?

AH: Seeing Bodhi!

To learn more about our upcoming trip, check out our recent post or click the link below to sign up for trip updates and our bespoke 2019 Guide to Milan!

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