My LA (and NYC): Interior Designer Kerry Joyce

Being one the country’s most sought-after designers, it’s no surprise that Kerry Joyce divides his time between offices in Los Angeles and Manhattan. So, this week you’re in for a twofer. A My LA and a My NYC! Below are Kerry’s top picks for the cities, followed by a peek at his new book, The Intangible. The book beautifully captures the tranquility for which Kerry is known, an aesthetic that’s also influenced the look of his myriad home collections. “I am a modernist at heart and although it might not be obvious, this modernist thread permeates my work,” Kerry told California Home & Design magazine recently. “Even in traditional genres I’m looking for a sense of authentic, yet warm spareness that will allow each detail to be refined and elegant, even exquisitely simple, purely sculptural.” Architectural Digest also recently feature Kerry, spending a day with him and touring his Silver Lake studio—a feature you won’t want to miss, especially as he drops a few hints about what’s in the works, like a boutique hotel in the West Adams district. But first, scroll on to learn a little more about the people and places that inspire Kerry—on both coasts.

 Photo by Alexander Vertikoff from   The Gamble House: Building Paradise in California   Photo by Alexander Vertikoff from The Gamble House: Building Paradise in California

Art & Culture

I tend to like prime examples of historic architecture. I really enjoy studying the architectural details. My Los Angeles favorite is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, and in Pasadena I love the Japanese influences of the Gamble House.

In New York, I love the Met for its special collections and it wonderful rooftop terrace overlooking Central Park. A diminutive favorite of mine is the Neue Galerie, which has an absolutely stunning collection of Klimt paintings.

Also in NYC is Feinstein's/54 Below (located below the old Studio 54) which is a great and intimate venue to see cabaret acts. This is where I saw Chita Rivera perform an amazing one-woman show. Even my non-Broadway-loving husband thought she was incredible.

Finding Wellness

I love to cook and eat healthy. Simple and delicious. I don’t have too many gadgets but I am very happy with my recent purchase of an Illy espresso/coffee maker. Their expresso is THE BEST and the only expresso that I have liked from one-pod contraptions, and I have tried a few too many. I highly recommend it.

I’m not overly athletic—perhaps in my next life—but I do love hiking around the Hollywood Reservoir and, in New York, exploring the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Central Park in all seasons. I especially enjoy walking the Mall that goes from 66th to 72nd Streets in the center of the park, bordered with stately American elm trees.

The Perfect Meal

In Silver Lake I am fond of Café Stella. It’s a great place for lunch or dinner. Everything is delicious and prepared perfectly with love and care. One of my favorites on the Upper West Side in Manhattan is Café Luxembourg (also French–are you noticing a trend?) not too far from my apartment and Lincoln Center. It recalls a lively Paris bistro from the 1930s. One of my favorites, when I am not on my diet, is the their hot fudge sundae. I order it deconstructed, with the lightly candied almonds, the best dark chocolate hot fudge you ever had, and the whipped cream on the side. Perfect.

Feeds to Follow

Former Elle Decor and House Beautiful editor Marian McAvoy. She shares her country home life and often features her whimsical and fabulous botanical collages constructed of real leaves and flowers. Totally magical. @gustthepoodle

Prolific talent Heather Rosenman is an extraordinary ceramicist. I was so taken with her work that I commissioned her to design fabrics for my textile company. The new collection will debut in February of 2019 and is based on her figurative designs. I love her work so much that I used her Totem fabric design on the cover of my new book. @heatherrosenmanceramics

This is the account of the very talented photographer Minh Tran. He is a self- taught photographer with impeccable taste and an eye for minimalism. I adore his work. @thismintymoment

Below are a few teaser shots for Kerry’s new book, The Intangible. It’s a must for every shelf. To see more of Kerry’s work and to find out about upcoming book events, follow him on IG too: @kerryjoyceassociates.

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