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Fresh Inspiration from Wolf

Our minds are on kitchens this week and if you’re looking for clean lines and high performance, consider these two new designs from Sub-Zero Wolf.

The 36-inch contemporary gas cooktop offers an integrated look, with a cooking surface that sits flush with the countertop and knobs that mount to your choice of cabinetry. (You can read more about the company's approach to integrated design here.) But it’s not just a pretty cooktop—with 20,000btu, it’s the company’s most powerful dual-stacked burner. The central burner is the biggie that delivers rapid boils and the perfect sear, while the surrounding burners give you a more delicate level of control, which is perfect for simmering and melting. The cast-iron grates are porcelain-coated, which helps pans slide easily between burners. It’s also part of the sleek styling that makes this cooktop such a beauty.

Wolf’s new induction range, which debuted at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2016 in New York City and just became available to customers last fall, answers the call from clients who are becoming more interested in induction cooking. What exactly is it, you ask? We’ll let Wolf explain: “Induction cooking harnesses the power of magnets, generating heat directly in the cooking vessel rather than the cooktop, to create a precise and efficient control of heat. Increased temperature response means lightning-fast high heat, super-low melts and simmers, and quick recovery. Pan-sensing technology ensures almost no heat is wasted during cooking because energy is supplied only to the cooking vessel. Electromagnetic fields heat only induction-compatible cookware so the cooktop stays relatively cool to the touch.” If that doesn’t sell you, consider the fact that they’re also easier to clean than traditional cooktops because spills don’t burn onto the surface. The range also features the company’s dual-convection oven and is available in 30- and 36-inch styles. It’s sleek black-glass cooking surface comes with a choice of red, black, or brushed- stainless steel knobs, available in professional or transitional styles.


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