Two to Know: Woodson & Rummerfield

Whether they’re designing a private home or a showcase house, participating in panel discussions or rallying their support behind saving historic L.A. buildings, designers Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design bring their signature high-impact style. Included on the lists of designers to watch by House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, Traditional Home and Luxe Magazine, it’s no wonder they’re in high demand and attracting a clientele that includes Christina Aguilera. Read on to learn Jaime's responses to what makes them tick, then check out their website and online shop to see even more of the duo’s daring work.

How would you describe your aesthetic? Modern opulence—a mix of old and new.

How did you get started in the business? I studied design at Arizona State University’s College of Architecture and Ron studied at UCLA. We had our own separate design practices and knew a lot of the same design circle and vendors, but we didn't know one another. Finally, Ron invited me to a dinner party and we quickly realized that we had a very similar sensibility.  We are both Los Angeles natives and have a love for a modern aesthetic mixed with the opulence of the bygone era of Old Hollywood. In 2004, we merged and opened our design firm and boutique retail space on La Cienega.

From where or what sources do you derive creative inspiration? Ron and I are both inspired by fashion, vintage furniture and travel. We love to visit inspiring cities such as Paris, London, Marrakech, New York—places where inspiration can be found on any street or in a flea market treasure.

If you could reside on a Hollywood film set from any era, what would it be and why? Billy Wilder’s 1950 film, Sunset Boulevard. Our design work is very theatrical. We are constantly inspired by the grandeur of film noir sets. Sunset Blvd captures a place and time. It’s classic, over the top Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, which we love. From the extravagant drapery and canopy bed to the grand staircase—we love it all!

What takes a kitchen or bath from ordinary to extraordinary? It’s all about quality and composition. A careful pairing of the right light fixtures, finishes and materials creates a swoon-worthy space.


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