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Trade Secret: Warner Bros. Design Studio

Did you know that Hollywood film and television studio Warner Bros.’ on-site design team not only creates sets for film, television and special studio exhibits, they also do myriad projects for private clients including architects and designers, museums (like the Alex Israel installation at the Huntington, above), retail shops, restaurants, showcase houses, and, yes, Snyder Diamond? It’s true!

It’s hard to even begin describing the services Warner Bros. Design Studio offers because they can really do everything at their expansive Burbank facility. Their tagline is “turning imagination into reality,” and it couldn’t be more accurate. Their decades of expertise working with art and production designers transfers directly into creating custom design projects for clients outside the industry. They’re an extraordinarily collaborative group of artisans with access to some of the most innovative technology, allowing them to create anything you can dream of, be it a single element or an entire environment. And what’s truly astonishing is the turn-around time. Because Warner Bros. Design Studio staff are so skilled at their craft and the facilities are so rich and diverse (their upholstery studio is especially fun to see), some projects can be turned around in just a matter of days. And they come in on budget. Now that’s Hollywood magic!

Here’s just a sampling of what they offer:

Sign & Scenic Art: An 8,000-square-foot space incorporating a graphic design studio and digital photo scanning that can produce large-format imagery

Staff Shop: One of the most historic manufacturers of exterior and interior ornamentation, capable of producing sets and facades in every architectural style. On our recent tour we spotted rows of elaborate period architectural molds—a veritable candy store for architects and designers.

Metal Shop: All facets of metal fabrication can be done here, from water jet cutting to final finish. They can produce anything from structural steel elements to intricate custom furniture.

Cabinet & Furniture Shop: Bring in a photo or even a rough sketch and these skilled craftsman can make it happen. The shop can built items from the ground up, duplicate an existing piece or even handle repairing damaged furnishings.

Drapery & Upholstery: Exactly as it sounds, this department is an incredible resource for custom designs, re-upholstery or repair. They do everything from sofas and chairs to headboards and upholstered walls. Bring in your own materials, order from the shop’s top-level manufacturers, or browse their inventory of fabrics and trims. 

Paint Shop: This department, as you might imagine, has the talent and depth of experience to meet any request: complex faux finishes, murals (like Rock Sugar in Century City, seen above), refinishing antiques or even clear-coating exterior elements.

Photo Lab: Possibly the most complete imaging resource in the L.A. area. Their capabilities range from processing to re-touching to printing, and they have a dedicated studio space within the facility that comes equipped with a lighting package and an adjacent make-up/dressing room that’s perfect for product shots and still shoots, as well as portraits. Looking to have your latest line photographed? This may just be the answer.


If you want to take a closer look at some of their work, stop by our Santa Monica showroom, where we have several kitchen vignettes recently built by the studio. We’ve also worked with them on California Home+Design's 2012 Small Space Big Style show house and the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House, which featured collaborations with L.A. designers like Azadeh Shladovsky, Christian May and Westlake firm Designs of the Interior. To contact the studio directly, click here. It's a truly extraordinary facility and we’re blown away by their capabilities, not to mention their friendly, can-do vibe.


Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Design Studio



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