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A Healthier Way to Shower

Danish company Vola has long been associated with beautifully crafted, architect-designed kitchen and bath fixtures thanks to its early and now iconic collaborations with Arne Jacobsen. Their tradition of Scandinavian simplicity, elegance, sustainability and ease of use holds true today with the brand new Kneipp Hose 070W and Waterfall Shower 080W designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne for use as part of a holistic sauna experience. The strikingly minimalist designs provide soothing flows of water to calm the mind and awaken the body and can be used in two different ways: mixed, for warm water, or in the more traditional European or ‘spa methodology’ style that alternates hot (steam) and cold (water) to cleanse the body. For example, a cold-water flow can be directed onto one leg and then brought slowly upwards to the torso, the idea being that you work the cold-water flow from the extremities to the core of the body. It’s a type of hydrotherapy that is thought to help regulate blood pressure and enhance circulation. It’s also believed to encourage cell regeneration and strengthening of the immune system. As effective as it is beautiful, it’s no wonder this ingenious system just won the 2016 German Design Award.

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