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Your 2023 Kitchen & Bath Design Horoscope

Find your perfect match (according to your Zodiac sign).

If the language of astral significance speaks to you, you’re in luck, because your perfect kitchen and bath product match has been written in the stars. Check out Snyder Diamond’s illuminating kitchen and bath horoscope to celebrate your moment of birth and zodiac identity. Whether you’re an Aries or a Libra, take a look—you might discover your next appliance soulmate and something about yourself you didn’t know.

AriesARIES (March 21-April 19)

As someone who enjoys, and may insist on being first, Aries is equipped with a strong, pioneering spirit. Like you, Danish brand VOLA is a true trailblazer—after all, alongside designer Arne Jacobsen, they managed to revolutionize the entire faucet industry. In typical Aries fashion, Vola continues to defy expectations and define atmospheres, like their FS1 Tub Filler in Carmine Red.

2023 Kitchen & Bath Design HoroscopeVola FS1 Tub Filler in Carmine Red

TaurusTAURUS (April 20-May 20)

We love our highly-determined, down-to-earth Tauruses, you are reliable and keep us grounded. Your tenacity recalls high-end German appliance brand Miele, who’ve been engineering and refining kitchen appliances for more than 120 years in their continued quest for perfection. Like the Miele MasterCool refrigerator, you are proof that determination and perseverance leads to greatness.

Miele MasterCool refrigerator with open black door Miele MasterCool Refrigerator

GeminiGEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Thanks Gemini! Your adventurous spirit, curiosity, and social nature always keep things interesting. Symbolized by twins, this air sign has such a plethora of passions, hobbies, and friends that it had to double itself. Juggling is second nature to a Gemini, so whether you’re in the mood to cook, bake, sautee, or steam, the Wolf Range will have all of your multitasking whims and needs covered. 

 Stainless steel Wolf range with red knobs installed against wooden cabinetry, paired with a stainless steel range hoodWolf Pro Range

CancerCANCER (June 21-July 22)

If you’re a Cancer, you probably care deeply about the cleanliness and comfort of your home, which is why Gaggenau’s Vario downdraft ventilation is the tool you need. This innovative appliance minimizes displeasing and potentially harmful distractions, like smoke and air pollutants, so that you can focus on what matters most—the food.

Stainless steel Gaggenau appliances including cooktops, downdraft ventilation grills, and Teppan YakiGaggenau Vario Downdraft Ventilation

AriesLEO (July 23-August 22)

If you’re a Leo, you’re a natural leader, ambitious, and goal-driven. Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, so you like to optimize your time—just like the smart espresso machine by Café. This chic table-top coffee maker offers an extra-large water reservoir for fewer refills, comes with an italian-made bar pump for maximum flavor, and customizable Wi-Fi technology that allows you to select your morning booster drink from anywhere in the house to maximize your hometime before the workday begins.

Stainless steel table-top Cafe espresso machine Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + FrotherStainless steel table-top Cafe espresso machine with iPhone SmartHQ app with Wifi-Connect features Café Bellissimo SmartHQ App With WiFi-Connect Features

VirgoVIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Hardworking and detail-oriented, the DCS Series 9 Grill is a reflection of our Virgos. This innovative DCS grill features a wide range of temperatures with valves, rear burner functions for slow-roasting, a rotisserie kit, a charcoal smoker tray and more—this appliance was made for meticulous, and careful Virgos.

Stainless steel DCS grill with rotisserieDCS Grill Series 9

LibraLIBRA (September 23-October 22)

For our diplomatic and peaceful Libras who enjoy spending time with the people they call friends and family, this is the perfect appliance for you. Nothing brings people together like well-prepared food and the warmth of a fire from a Wood Stone hearth oven.

Wood Stone Hearth OvenWood Stone Hearth Oven

ScorpioSCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

People born under the water sign of Scorpio are fearless, passionate and determined. If you’re a Scorpio, chances are you work hard, really hard, so Kohler’s luxurious Oblong Rainhead is a richly deserved remedy for resetting both your body and mind. The Oblong Rainhead boasts innovative Katalyst air-induction technology to produce large water droplets, deep massage kneading streams to relieve sore muscles, and easy-to-clean surfaces to minimize mineral buildup—this is the quintessential product for the hardest working leaders in the Zodiac. 

Kohler rainhead shower fixtures Kohler Oblong RainheadKohler rainhead shower fixture and Kohler Anthem Digital Control Kohler Anthem Digital Control

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re optimistic, nurturing, and curious. However, let’s not overlook perhaps one of your most admirable traits—your fun factor. Armed with a wicked sense of humor alongside an uncanny ability to think and live outside the box, the fun and frivolity of Franz Viegener’s Industrial Collection may be your new forever fixture. 

Franz Viegener wall valve fixturesFranz Viegener Thermostatic Wall Valve

CapricornCAPRICORN (December 21-January 20)

If you’re a responsible and punctual Capricorn, you’re going to love the Blanco Color-Coordinated Unit that will simplify your daily kitchen routine. Featuring a faucet, sink, under counter pull-out bins, a cutting board, counter compost bin, and more, the black & brown color scheme (Capricorn’s colors), will make your kitchen renovation decisions quick and painless, and its ergonomic accessories will have you in and out of the kitchen and on time for everything else you have going on in your life.

Blanco Color-Coordinated Unit Blanco Color-Coordinated UnitBlanco Color-Coordinated Unit with under counter pull-out bin Blanco Color-Coodinated Unit with Pull-Out Bin

AquariusAQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)

If you’re an Aquarius, there’s a strong chance that you’re fiercely independent and don’t like to be told what to do or how to do it—so who says you can’t integrate a luxury Sub-Zero refrigerator into your bathroom? You and Sub-Zero make breaking the rules look fun. 

Sub-Zero under counter beverage centerSub-Zero Undercounter Beverage Center

PiscesPISCES (February 19-March 20)

If you’re a Pisces, known as the loving fish, you’ll swim through muddy waters to find the ones you love. Characterized by two fish swimming in a harmonious circle, there is no other bathroom fixture more aligned with Pisces than Graff’s Ametis shower system, where an “O” Ring is prominently displayed. Like your continual quest to experience deep emotions and compassion, Graff’s Ametis collection is inspired by the spirituality of water and its perpetual movements.

Graff Ametis Shower System Graff Ametis Shower System WaterfallGraff Ametis Shower System Graff Ametis Shower System Body Spray

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