The Smartest Vanity Mirror of Them All

Kohler’s new Verdera is the first lighted bathroom mirror with Amazon Alexa technology.

Play your favorite music. Set the perfect makeup lighting. Add more toothpaste to your shopping list. Get weather and traffic updates as you get ready for work. It’s all possible through the new Verdera mirror.

Touchless interactions are a fast-growing aspect of Kohler’s entire catalogue (kitchen and bath) thanks to their proprietary system, Kohler Konnect, but this mirror is the first of its kind to be available to consumers.

Verdera features a built-in dual microphone fully encased to protect it from splashed water and condensation. (That built-in technology means there’s no clunky speaker taking up precious countertop space.) And its LED lights can detect motion to illuminate a soft nightlight when it notices you walking up to the mirror. That gentle glow, as opposed to harsher light, can aid your return to sleep, btw.

The mirror is available in 24-, 34-, and 40-inch models, all of which are 33-inches high and just 2-inches deep.

Verdera is also available as a medicine cabinet. We especially love its pivoting side panels and sliding magnifying mirror. No more leaning into the mirror to try and see up-close! No more trying to hold a magnifier with one hand and a makeup brush with the other! Brilliant.

What Else Can it Do?

Through Verdera, you can also control other Kohler gadgets in the house: the Sensate kitchen faucet, which can dispense everything from an eight-once glass of water to one pot for making pasta; the Numi smart toilet, which boasts seat- and feet- warming features in addition to mood lighting and music control; the DTV+ shower system, which can adjust water temperature, pressure, steam durations, and music; and a PerfectFill kit that you can outfit to your bathroom to automatically start the bath and stop when the tub is full.

Not surprisingly, Verdera was a hit backstage at New York Fashion Week—good lighting is everything.

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