The Color Wheel Keeps On Turning

Classic Blue Vibrations Abound at Snyder Diamond - As Identified By Color Scientist, Gillian Rose

Delving into the Neuroscience of color, Gillian Rose is equipped with critical knowledge of how color controls the way we think, feel and behave. To Gillian, the Color Wheel is a scientific reference much like the Periodic Table of Elements.

“When we look at any color, our hypothalamus tells our brain how to respond. The context of the color doesn’t matter, our hypothalamus just says to ‘move closer’ or ‘pull away.’ It’s not cognitive. Our responses to color are not learned, they are written into our DNA, but people often don’t address biological and instinctual responses,” Gillian explains.

“Since our evolution, color’s main purpose has been to stimulate our minds. Our whole universe is based on movement/energy. Nothing remains still in our universe: color, light, sound, water, sun. It’s all vibration, which is further affected by light. It’s all about stimulating us to a higher consciousness.” 

As the new Director of Visual Merchandising for Snyder Diamond, Gillian Rose brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the field of Color Science and she is delighted to be a resource for SD’s clientele. 

When asked specifically about Pantone’s Color of the Year selection she responded, “Our psyches are much more sophisticated than we give them credit for. When we see a lot of one specific color (i.e., last year’s Color of the Year- Coral), we can become oversaturated in that color,” explains Gillian, “So it makes perfect sense that Pantone has now selected Classic Blue which is the opposite of Coral. This allows us to cleanse our pallet. Like pressing the reset button.  .”

Walking through the Santa Monica showroom she continues, “One thing that you may or may not know is that one of the many ways we experience color is through our skin so when we’re actually touching something in a specific color we’re getting the vibrations of that specific hue. When we have a classic blue handle as we do for Fantini (it is more of a Cobalt Blue but it’s in the Classic Blue family) and we are experiencing that color through touch as well as sight. The calming and relaxing energy it gives off make it perfect for the bathroom.” 

Here are some Classic Blue product selections offered at Snyder Diamond: 

THG Paris Crystal - Aqua
From Baccarat, THG and Remi Tessier’s common values – search for perfection and excellence, was born the Beyond Crystal series. The Aqua color of the taps is meant to emphasize the purity of crystal, come alive through light.

Fantini Nice 
The mixer and handles of the NICE collection are characterized by a beautiful palette of colors mixed with translucent elements to create surprising optical effects and a pleasant sensory experience to the touch.‎ Three hole washbasin mixer, chrome, transparent color methacrylate handles.‎ “A homage to the essence of water and its beauty: transparent, fresh and colorful.” – Designers Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Fantini Venezia
Glass on glass. Transparencies on colors. The high level of craftsmanship of Murano blown glass expressed through an exact geometrical rigour: that is the Venezia series. Designer: Matteo Thun

Kallista Script - CelesteBlue
Limited edition from Kallista’s Live Artfully Collection. Hand-painted enamel accents swirl around lever handles in a calming wave pattern ensuring the artisan craftsmanship of the Script(TM) sink faucet, arch spout shines in any bathroom setting. The delicate and calming celeste blue enamel adornments are made using the historic art of guilloche sure to elevate your everyday.

Rubinet Lasalle Collection - Midnight Blue
Add a shot of color to your kitchen or bath! Rubinet offers most of their faucets in a range of 22+ colors and finishes including Blue Jean and Midnight Blue.

Gillian Rose is a Color Scientist and Interior Designer, and is the new Director of Visual Merchandising for Snyder Diamond. Gillian has her own paint collection with The Fine Paints of Europe, called Color Our World. She is available to help Snyder Diamond clientele with all of their color selection needs. Call or visit her in our Santa Monica showroom. 

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