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the sophisticate avatar of an elegant blond woman, pearl earrings and white glasses

When everyone else was making mud pies and drinking from plastic cups, she was daintily eating madeleines while sipping from the finest china. Fast forward and now she’s the first to know every trend (even starting a few) and has the best taste around. So, when she serves wine, she knows there’s no alternative to Plum. Simply uncork the bottle, load it into the dispenser, and let the machine do its work. According to her, it makes pouring wine almost as fun as drinking it. Almost.

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Plum wine dispenser on the kitchen countertop and built-in, with two women smiling and drinking wine

the outdoor lover avatar of a man with a beard, large backpack and map that is going to hike and camp outside

He’s the type of person that thrives in the great outdoors. Whether hiking Griffith over the weekend or simply reading a book in his backyard, he makes connecting with Mother Earth a priority. That’s why he can’t rave enough about Kalamazoo’s outdoor kitchens. Going inside to prepare food is a thing of the past, because now he can enjoy all that nature has to offer while using some of the best outdoor appliances on the market. Let’s just say we know who’s hosting next weekend’s barbeque, and it isn’t us.

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchens with the Gaucho and built-in grills

the athlete avatar of a young afro-american girl holding a basketball

Working out is exhausting (or so we’ve been told). That’s why the athlete relies on Zerobody before the big game to get into peak mental condition and afterwards to promote effective muscle recovery. While she doesn’t always pay attention to the latest trends, she knows dry flotation beats the hassle of getting into a tub of saltwater any day.

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Zerobody flotation bed in use with athlete relaxing

the socialite avatar of a young popular man wearing a varsity high school jacket with the SD monogram on it

He’s the host with the most. Friends with everyone, the rest of us are dying to know his secret. Is it his top notch hors d'oeuvres? Maybe that sparkling wit? Perhaps, but most agree that the heated Toto smart toilet seat in the guest powder room is his real secret weapon. Even the best parties feature lines for the bathroom. The only difference is, this one is worth the wait.

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Toto USA Washlet Neorest NX1 Toilet

the beauty queen avatar of an elegant and trendy woman with brown curly hair, large yellow earrings, green necklace, purple tank top and large round sunglasses

We all know that person—whether getting the seven-step skin care routine down to a science or finding the perfect leave-in conditioner to keep her hair looking the best, she’s always up-to-date on the latest the beauty world has to offer. So, of course she would never forget her daily steam shower with Mr. Steam. It cleanses skin, relieves stress, improves circulation, promotes deep sleep, and burns calories. She can’t sing the benefits enough to her 250K Instagram followers.

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Woman enjoying a steam shower by Mr. Steam

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