SHHHH...The Secret Podcast Studio In our Santa Monica Showroom

Our Sub-Zero Wolf Living Kitchen is Now a Recording Studio for Top LA Designers.

To help celebrate our continued growth (70 years!) and our longtime relationship with Sub-Zero Wolf, we’ve created the Living Kitchen in our Santa Monica showroom last year, filling it with the latest innovative designs from the company. It’s a showroom-within-a-showroom, and a terrific way for you to see, feel and experience the products directly. (It’s even proved to be a great party space for us!)

What you may not know is that we’ve also begun using the Living Kitchen as a studio for our Convo By Design Podcast and Video Series, which is sponsored by Sub-Zero Wolf and Cove and hosted by Josh Cooperman. “I love recording in it because there are so many different vignettes,” says Josh. “I feel like I have my own studio!” To date, he’s interviewed Cynthia Lambakis, Chris Barrett and John McClain, with Breegan Jane, Joan Barton of Dirty Girl Construction, Shirry Dolgin, and Josh Borris of Core Development all on the books. (Keep an eye on our newsletters, where you’ll find links to all the latest podcasts.)

Expect insightful, in-depth conversations with an emphasis on really “meeting” these top-notch architects and designers. “I’m a mirror,” says Josh. “I’m a fan of great architecture and design and am really fortunate to speak to all these creatives. I love hearing how they got their start and why they do what they do. Designers really do provide an amazing service, and I love finding out what makes them tick.”

 Breegan Jane and Russ Diamond  Breegan Jane and Russ Diamond

 John McClain and Russ Diamond  John McClain and Russ Diamond

Want to Learn More About Convo By Design?

You can find us @ConvoByDesign on Twitter and @ConvoXDesign on Facebook and @ConvoXDesign on Instagram. You can also find videos from these conversations on our YouTube channel. Just search Convo By Design and you’ll find more than150 videos of some of our favorite guests. You can also check out our previous blog post on Josh to learn more about him and how he creates the episodes.

 Convo By Design host Josh Cooperman  Convo By Design host Josh Cooperman

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