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One is an Accident. Two is Coincidence. Three is a Pattern.

Kallista proves that good things come in threes.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
The Three Little Pigs.
Stop, Look and Listen.
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.

From food, fables and religion to literature, films, and politics, the rule of three is an enduring philosophy that’s been culturally pervasive throughout the ages. It suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more effective, or more satisfying than other numbers.

Three is the smallest number required to create a pattern, so simplicity may be the key to delivering complex ideas in powerful and memorable ways. In fact, according to scientists, your brain has evolved to better remember information when it’s delivered in this fashion so it’s not surprising that us humans have a tendency to gravitate towards and respond positively to this pattern.

2020 has us recalling Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz repeating three times over, “There’s no place like home.” Her trancelike repetition of the phrase condenses the meaning of what home means for many of us--a place we associate with familiarity, love and safety. Realizing that there truly is “no place like home,” we’ve brought a renewed focus on three design principles as we navigate the new normal: form, function and aesthetic. How can you apply these principles? Well for one, Snyder Diamond is opening a third showroom in Van Nuys for you to shop from and will be carrying three new collections from Kallista to choose from; if this isn’t a sign to embrace the rule of three, then we’re not sure what is. 

Kallista has a reputation for refined, style-forward bath and kitchen products, which is evident in their three collections this year. 

The Argile Capsule Collection

The Argile (pronounced ar-geel), which means clay in French, includes two products: a freestanding bathtub and a complementing decorative vessel sink. Created in collaboration with New York-based design and architecture firm Workshop/APD, it portrays an overall organic aesthetic of minimalist design not typically seen in today’s mainstream marketplace.

Three Highlights:

  • The freestanding bathtub was one of five tubs spotlighted as “Standalone Winners” in Architectural Digest’s April 2020 is of ADPRO, Future of Bath.
  • Constructed of cast mineral and cast stone materials, which maintain optimum temperatures
  • Compliments all contemporary and transitional design

The Klyne Collection

The new Klyne Collection is inspired by modern architectural elements found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s design masterpiece, Fallingwater. The famous house has strong vertical and horizontal lines, which creates a rhythm and flow in its environment. This rhythm is best emulated by the collections two widespread faucets, as the cantilevered sections appear to float above a structural base—much like how the tiers of the home hang over the waterfall.    


Klyne Pure

Three Highlights:

  • The faucets create an understated piece of sculpture for your bathroom and come in two versions—Klyne and Klyne Pure.
  • The collection features a range of bathing and showering products, along with accessories that pair well with other Kalllista collections.
  • All the pieces embody modern design and perfect options for contemporary bathrooms.

The Juxtapose Kitchen Faucet Collection

For the third noteworthy collection, Kallista has joined forces once again with Chicago-based, internationally recognized designer, Mick De Giulio, to create the Juxtapose Collection of kitchen faucets. 

Whether you fancy yourself a master chef or simply love to entertain, the collection includes a Single-Hole Semi-Professional Faucet, a Single-Hole Bar Faucet, a Wall-Mount Pot Filler, and a Soap/Lotion Dispenser. The faucets were designed to meld into spaces that are open and viewable from other areas, so a lot of emphasis was paid to the personality and look of the faucets.

Pivotal to the series is the Juxtapose Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet, and the three-function sprayhead incorporates the latest in Kohler technology.  

Three Highlights: 

  • The aerate provides an extraordinarily even stream of waterflow.
  • Kohler Sweep® Spray’s specially angled nozzle creates a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning.
  • Kohler Boost™ provides a powerful option that immediately increases the faucet flow rate by 30 percent.

While we couldn’t foresee how the COVID-19 pandemic would fundamentally transform our relationship to home, we’ve been able to take this period of adversity and turn it into an opportunity for innovation, change and creativity. The rule of three is truly omnipresent, reminding us that even with all the uncertainty—if we can survive three minutes without breathable air, can survive three hours in a harsh environment or go three days without drinkable water—we’ll bounce back to “real life” even stronger than before.  

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