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Milan 2020 Kick Off Party

A Night to Remember for A Trip you Won’t Forget! 

Imagine arriving in Milan to explore more than 2,500 exhibitions at one of the oldest furniture and design fairs in the world. Now imagine a bespoke auxiliary travel program that guides you through this once in a lifetime sojourn. 

On Thursday night, we celebrated just that with the kick off to our third annual voyage to Salone Del Mobile. The LA design community mingled and sipped Portami a Milano cocktails under the stars at Westwood’s Audrey at the Hammer. Guests were treated to insightful dialogue between Architect Matt Rosenberg, Designer Shirry Dolgin, Diego Zanatta of Fantini, Skyler Stevenson of Gaggenau… and of course, Russ Diamond.

Matt Rosenberg of M-Rad Architecture, Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors, Russ Diamond, Jennifer Taurus of Snyder DiamondMatt Rosenberg of M-Rad Architecture, Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors, Russ Diamond, Jennifer Taurus of Snyder Diamond

Gaggenau team: Erica Zohar, Heather Ryan, Juanita Galliford, Skyler Stevenson and Russ Diamond

For years Russ has been packing his bags and heading to Milan to find inspiration and innovative design allowing Snyder Diamond to always be first with what is next. “Milan is really the design capital of the world. Not only for fashion but for building products too…” said Russ “if you want inspiration in your work and you want to provide the best possible service to your clients, Salone is unmatched. We’ve partnered with Salone, Fantini and Gaggenau to create the most engaging and stimulating experience for our guests.” 

Erica Isla of EMI Interior Design and Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors

Davide Casaroli of Davide Casaroli Design, Jennifer Taurus of Snyder Diamond and Shawn Partyka

Dana Triano of Dana Triano Design and Adam Litberg of Snyder Diamond

William Mungall of Landry Design Group, Joaquin Perez, Lauren Goldberg and Nick Norris.

Along with the close-knit relationships he's nurtured during his many visits to Salone, Russ has garnered access to spectacular private events and behind-the-scenes tours of exhibitions, showrooms and factories. For a handful of lucky designers and architects, it will undoubtedly be the Salone trip of a lifetime. Of which, Matt and Shirry were members this past year. 

Matt Rosenberg of M-Rad Architecture, Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors, Russ Diamond, Jennifer Taurus of Snyder Diamond

The Snyder Diamond trip unfolds with a fabulous weekend at Casa de Fantini, beautifully situated on Lake Orta in the Northern portion of Italy. Visits to the Fantini factory and celebrations for Gaggenau’s 338th year of business are just a few of the items on the itinerary. Shirry described the experience as “beyond magical” and excitedly proclaimed, “There has never been a time in my career as a designer that I have connected to a company in this way... because of the ownership and the people... And you can’t help fall in love with the product.”

Matt confirmed, “It’s the setting, it’s the senses that actually touch you almost more than anything else. It’s something I honestly didn’t realize existed.”

For the remaining 4 days, Snyder Diamond’s guests will be treated to Salone Del Mobile, parties, dinners and more tours. Matt said, “Being at the show is actually quite awe inspiring, you just don’t see design like that at a scale that they are able to bring these products by these companies in one place.”

Matt Rosenberg of M-Rad Architecture and Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors

But the real experience is outside of the show itself. Shirry explained that in Milan “they take every single alleyway and piazza and they do something spectacular with it. I mean it’s endless and its street upon street of creativity and so many people coming together that it's just oozing out of the streets.”  

Matt recommended letting yourself get lost and “take a turn you weren’t planning on taking. And the second you do that you find ten other alleyways that have galleries and popups and artists who have been working for years to create a product to show you, and you have a chance to walk into their studio and see what they have been creating for you. And that's a special moment that I don’t think anybody knows is there because nobody tells you what Salone is and that the city is where it shines.” 

Barbara Bestor of Bestor Architecture, Brian Cousens of Snyder Diamond and Kassy Dieujuste of Kassy + Company

Monika Haefelfinger of XTEN Architecture and Jennifer Whitmer of Snyder Diamond

Caren Rideau, Michael and Agata Cain, Mariann Claggett of The Kitchen Design Group and Assia Thieck of Snyder Diamond

A journey with inspiration at every turn and access to unparalleled design…Think this trip might be for you? 

To learn more about Snyder Diamond’s specially curated trip to Salone del Mobile 2020 and how you can join us, click here.

Davide Casaroli of Davide Casaroli Design, Lisa Schecter of Kitchens on Montana

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