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Kalamazoo Gourmet is the Crème de la Crème of Outdoor Kitchens

Precision-Driven, High-Performance, Hand-Crafted Culinary Art 

The Kalamazoo kitchen creates a harmonious marriage where form and function are united making every outdoor cooking and entertaining experience nothing short of spectacular. All of their products are handmade in Kalamazoo, Michigan where artisans painstakingly craft and build barbeques so coveted  they are considered works or art and are signed by the maker. Kalamazoo prides itself on a reputation of over twenty years of innovative and industry leading product designs including the worlds first grill able to cook with gas, wood and charcoal. To cook with one of Kalamazoo's grills is akin to the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a precision-driven automobile on the open roads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Let Kalamazoo take you on a culinary journey with the Argentinian-inspired Gaucho Grill, the Japanese Hakado Shokunin Grill and right on through to Italy for the perfect pizza all from the safety and comfort of your own backyard.

The Japanese Shokunin Grill 

If you are passionate about the flavors and gentle, even heat of a traditional slow-cooking Japanese Kamado grill, then you will love Kalamazoo’s innovative new redesign called the Shokunin. With its increased height, cross-ventilation and dialed-up insulation, this stunning ipe wood and stainless steel product offers maximum versatility, even heat and precise temperature control.


The Gaucho Wood-fired Grill 

Heading south to Argentina, the Gaucho Grill is a show-stopper. The 30-inch motorized rotisserie turns effortlessly as the open wood fire crackles and smokes offering the alluring scent of meat sizzling and caramelizing perfectly offering a truly unique, primal experience. 

The Pizza Oven… And More

Make great Italian pies and much more in this versatile stainless steel gas-fired pizza oven. With flame above and below, Kalamazoo’s pizza oven offers you precise control over how fast the crust crisps and the toppings brown, or to roast meats, fish and vegetables, or just about anything. 

The Hybrid Fire Grill 

American craftsmanship at its finest, the original gas/wood/charcoal hybrid offers the ultimate in versatility and high-performance grilling. Customizable laser cut grates and Dragon burners cast in heavy bronze allow heat to be distributed more evenly and at broader temperatures (from 250 to 750 degrees). 

Check out the rest of Kalamazoo’s expansive appliance and cabinetry collection. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, their team of designers and engineers will handle everything for you… white gloves and all.

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