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‘Interior Diviner’ Kim Gordon

The Holistic-Minded Designer Shares How She’s Worked Wellness Into Her Practice—and Why it's More Important Than Ever.

"I think that during this time of COVID-19, we’re starting to think more about how our house can help us stay healthy, and work better for us,” says Kim Gordon. This sudden push to rethink the wellness factor of the spaces that have served as our (literal) sanctuaries since the onset of the pandemic actually isn’t new for the designer and developer. A breast cancer diagnosis two years ago and the subsequent treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery largely confined her at her own home, recovering—where she then took a closer look at her surroundings, reconsidering how her home could best help her heal. Now a cancer survivor, she views aesthetics and functionality as equally important to meeting her clients’ emotional, psychological and physical health needs through thoughtful design. “If you’re stuck at home right now, how can you better enjoy that time?” she asks. “If you make it feel like a resort, really comfortable with nice smells and good air flow, your home can envelope you in peace.” 

Kim is known for her distinct skill at making modern design warm and welcoming, thanks to her affinity for ushering in plenty of light—her steel-framed, floor-to-ceiling glass walls are a signature feature in all of the homes she’s design and developed—as well as the intimate and open spaces she creates with a comfortable living in mind. Currently, she’s finalizing a residence in the Pacific Palisades with a unique two-story pantry, tons of windows and a greenhouse’s worth of plants.

Being very intentional with what we put into our homes plays into our self-care and wellness, she believes. Right now, that might even mean rethinking our entryways or mudrooms as “disrobing” places, where masks and gloves can be shed and anything from outside can be disinfected. Watch the video below to hear even more on this topic.

She recently took the time to chat with us for a “Holistic Happy Hour” over Zoom from her home “cloffice” (yes, that’s a charming mash-up for her closet-office), as well as shares her recipe for the Mexican cucumber martinis she’s mixing up during the chat. Watch, enjoy, comment and cheers! 


Cucumber mix (can be used for other drinks/cocktails). Makes about 16 Martinis.

·       2 roughly chopped and sloppily peeled cucumbers 

·       1 1/4c simple syrup ( a,e your own 1 1/4 c water and 1 1/4 c sugar medium heat til dissolved let cool.

·       1/2 c lime juice

·       4-6 fresh basil leaves

Pulse in blender.. strain now if you can’t later (like if there’s a party)

Put in cute glass in fridge til ready to use

Cucumber Martini 

·       1 1/2 oz. vodka (I like Tito’s)

·       2 oz. cucumber mix

·       Skinny little jalapeño (if you like)

·       Lime slice

·       Tajin 

·       Cucumber slices, to garnish


1.     To make the Cucumber Martini, add vodka and cucumber mix (shake container before pouring) to a shaker with ice. Add  a slice of jalapeño or a dash of Tajin, shake until well-chilled.

2.     Add Tajin to a small plate with a small pinch of kosher salt (And sugar if you like). 

3.     Wet the rim of a chilled martini glass by sliding a lime across and dip it into your Tajin evenly coat

4.     Strain the drink into the prepared martini glass (unless you did it before) and garnish with cucumber slices

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