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London Design Firm Buster + Punch Reveals its First Collection of 2020.

We welcomed London hardware firm Buster + Punch to our showrooms last year (check out our previous post) and we’re thrilled to share their newest collection, Linear, the first of several lines debuting over the course of the coming year. As with all of their designs, the shapes are inspired by fashion accessory hardware (think Bonnie Cashin’s game-changing turn-locks and toggles for Coach) and each brings an indisputable edge to kitchen and bath design—to furniture, too.

A tidy lineup of single Furniture Knobs in Gun Metal.

With Linear, the company delivers a sleek line of smaller-scale furniture knobs, back plates, pull bars, and locking mechanisms that deviate from their signature cross-knurling detail with a new diamond-milled linear knurling. It’s a beautiful decorative pattern, but it’s functional, too, since the texture improves grip.

Brass highlight's the Pull Bar's decorative knurling.

“Linear marks the next chapter in our exciting story as we continue to blur the lines between home and fashion,” says Founder and Creative Director Massimo Buster Minale. He describes the collection as “a forward-thinking range of precision hardware that would work just as well on your bedside cabinet as it would on your favorite handbag.” 

Choosing the Brass finish for the Precious Bar adds a slightly historical vibe. 

In Burnt Steel, the Precious Bar takes on a decidedly modern look.

The collection includes the Pull Bar, the L-Bar, and the Precious Bar, which features a decorative locking mechanism. We’re also loving the new finishes, Gun Metal and Burnt Steel. The later was inspired by Massimo’s passion for motorcycles. When a bike’s exhaust pipe runs lean, the excessive heat turns the metal into a rainbow of blue, purple and yellow. Buster + Punch’s finish seeks to recreate that coloring, and when done on marine-grade stainless steel, it creates an unexpected, one-of-a-kind effect just perfect for that hard-to-please client.

Furniture Knobs, shown here in Gun Metal, used as a pair.

The Pull Bar in Steel has a minimalist edge.

Two L-Bars in Brass create a polished look.

To learn more, visit our showrooms and follow Buster + Punch online—they’re one of our favorite Instagram accounts.



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