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A Wood Stone Oven Makes Better Tasting Pizza and So Much More

No need to go out, make your favorite authentic stone hearth pizza- and other restaurant quality dishes- from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Since 1990, Wood Stone has offered commercial grade stone hearth ovens to the restaurant industry winning the hearts of many world-class chefs and restaurant concepts including California Pizza Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck, Blaze Pizza, Whole Foods Market, Bobby Flay and many more. With that same dedication and passion found in the successful commercial ovens, Wood Stone introduced the Bistro Home and Mountain Home lines of commercial quality lines tailored to and built for the culinary demands of both the novice and discerning home chef. 

This is not just a pizza oven—You can bake your favorite dessert or a light and airy frittata, roast succulent poultry, sauté vegetables lightning quick, braise lamb shanks, sear steak, poach halibut, flambée pan sauce, caramelize and soufflé. There is not a more versatile cooking appliance available. 

The Bistro and Mountain Line oven collections are engineered and crafted in the same manner as their commercial counterparts. Built utilizing identical materials and technology such as a single piece floor and dome construction, superior insulating materials and quick heat up times resulting in better tasting food. The Wood Stone Oven gives consistent cooking results due to the heat being distributed in three forms: natural convection from the dome shape, radiant heat from the golden flame in the rear, and conductive energy from the floor utilizing the ceramic material. When all three work together, juices are locked in the food while creating a natural caramelization that brings out the most flavor possible.  

Bristol Line

Mountain Series

Available in a variety of custom finish options that make achieving your design goals simple and easy. All Wood Stone Ovens are built and tested from their factory located in Bellingham, WA and delivered fully assembled so there is no need to rely on a mason to build the oven. You can also order your oven “facade-ready” to easily accommodate the addition of finish materials when your oven arrives. With thousands of installations worldwide, Wood Stone continues to set the standard for both commercial and home stone hearth ovens. 

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A Wood Stone Oven Makes Better Tasting Pizza and So Much More

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