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Find Your Inner Zen

Join Us for a Friday Night Sound Bath with Roxie Sarhangi

Could you use a zen moment? As the world unravels around us, the ancient practice of Sound Healing may be the anecdote we’ve all been looking for. This Friday Night, we invite you to stay home and join us on IG Live for a Sound Bath Concert led by Roxie Sarhangi. 

For centuries sound healing has been used to treat and heal the body returning it back to harmony. Vibrations from Tibetan Crystal Bowls, a Symphonic Gong, Ocean Drum, and Koshi Chimes bring you to a state of deep relaxation, activating your body’s own natural restorative process.  

It is our pleasure to share this wellness practice ‘virtually’, find calmness, connect within, and raise the frequency of love.

A Friday Night Sound Bath

With Roxie Sarhangi

7 pm on March 27

IG LIVE: @SnyderDiamond

What is a Sound Bath? How does it work?

Sound Healing is a meditative acoustic sound 'concert' that brings you to a state of deep relaxation, activating your body's own natural system of self-healing. Participants simply lie down on a yoga mat or comfortably on the floor with blankets. The practitioner will guide you into the session with soothing sounds and vibrations. 

What are the benefits of sound healing? 

Sound healing is deeply relaxing and well, healing. The sounds permeate our system returning it back to harmony. The effects can not only be physical and psychological, but spiritual as well. It can help with anxiety, depression, physical ailments, and much more.

What happens? How does it feel?

Individuals will likely feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. Often people feel an overall lightness of being.  Every teacher or practitioner may have their own unique approach. My sessions are heart centered, connecting the mind, body and soul.

Can you share a bit about the history of sound healing and where it comes from?

Sound is primordial and incredibly powerful. As a healing modality, chanting and drumming were often used by ancient civilizations.  Eastern Cultures have been utilizing sound healing methods for centuries. The tuning frequency is believed to be first used in ancient Greece. Egypt and India are often acknowledged for using sound and music for healing. According to The Healing Power of Sound, Sufis were also among the first to explore the physical basis of the mind-body connection with an emphasis on sound and music. If you think in terms of instruments, the gong is one of the oldest instruments. Its roots trace back to around 3500.  

About Roxie Sarhangi, Sound Healer 

Roxie is a certified sound healer practitioner and abstract artist. She has been practicing meditation for 11 years and connects the transcendental power of meditation to her sound healing sessions and spiritual practice. She often includes art in her sessions and plays healing instruments that encourage free-flowing energy of love and a lightness of being from within. 

The instruments she uses, dating back to the ancients, have proven healing benefits. The crystal bowls are tuned to 432 hertz—the vibrational frequency of nature and the seven chakras/energy centers. 

The symphonic gong is one of the oldest instruments. Its roots trace back to around 3500 BC. It is used to release tension and blocks in the body, stimulating a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system. 

“Sound is primordial. It affects the body, mind and soul.” 

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