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Discover Snyder Diamond’s Builder Division

Discover How Snyder Diamond’s New Builder Division Promotes Innovation

Find out why building relationships continues to take precedence over chasing transactions in the next evolution of Snyder Diamond’s business.

In a city obsessed with all things new and young, experience can be a risky thing. Relevancy can feel fleeting, knowledge isn’t always valued, and relationships tend to be transactional and short-lived. Which makes it even more impressive that Snyder Diamond has remained at the top of the luxury kitchen and bath game in and around Los Angeles for more than seven decades. 

What Sets Snyder Diamond Apart From The Rest

Business innovation is important, as is the advantage in having access to the best manufacturers and products—many of them nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the area. However, it’s relationships that lie at the heart of Snyder Diamond’s enduring success. For years they’ve been creating opportunities to build connection and community and increase trust and longevity in partnerships—providing Southern California designers, homeowners, architects, builders and plumbers with top-notch project support and of course, the perfect products for their projects.

Snyder Diamond’s Builder Division

The Builder Division is leveraging this relationships-first approach with renewed focus on local contractors, builders, developers, and their large-scale projects which include multi-family properties and upscale track-style homes. The market is increasingly competitive, calling for higher levels of know-how, seamless project support, and premium brands and products­–all which Snyder Diamond is now well-positioned to provide.

Snyder Diamond new builder division director Jojo Guevara portrait and with his family

After an eight-year hiatus, Jojo Guevara is back at SD and leading the charge to bring effective solutions to the trade. Guevara began working for Snyder Diamond when he was just 19 years old at the plumbing parts counter and has held nearly every role in the company, including General Manager for all three locations at one point. “The challenge,” he says, “was to develop a specialized division from scratch and evolve it into a high-performing operation.” Since starting the division solo in 2019, Guevara has grown the team into more than a dozen go-getters who have generated significant sales growth. He adds, “seeing all of our hard work and determination pay off is exciting and rewarding.”

The secret to their success, Guevara says, is creating relationships, not transactions. People, not projects. It’s not a new concept for Snyder Diamond, but it is not how the competition typically works. Instead of aggressively pursuing specific projects, Guevara and his team take a different, some might say more authentic, tack.

“We spend a lot of one-on-one time with these builders,” he says, adding that they foster relationships with the entire team so that transactions become a no-brainer and pricing becomes only a secondary concern. Guevara’s strongest relationships are the ones created organically while breaking bread together, where conversations with builders go far beyond the scope of business. In a recent year marked by far less human connection than we’ve known in our lifetimes, these authentic lifelines are significant.

Snyder Diamond builder division team celebrating baby shower

So, too, is the service offered by Snyder Diamond to these individuals. In a competitive marketplace, builders need to get their projects 100% right the first time around, and Guevara’s experienced team helps them not only succeed but prosper. They are exceptional at value-engineering a project, which means ensuring competitive pricing and exact assessments of any project’s needs, so there’s no redundancy or unnecessary spending. Where previously builders had to research on their own to get pricing for bids, the new division essentially does it for them, offering specialized tools that save them both time and money.

The division was originally conceived to serve the multi-family and hospitality sectors, but as it’s grown, the team is also now equipped to offer special project pricing to high-end residential contractors who are building 20,000 to 50,000 square foot homes.

Word of the team’s success is spreading, with builders telling their friends in the industry and each relationship planting seeds for a handful more. Hitting the streets proactively in search of relationships as opposed to waiting for customers to walk into the showroom seems to be the way of the future for Snyder Diamond: “I consider the Builder Division the future of our company,” says Guevara of this warm, connection-based ethos.

Snyder Diamond builder division team at work in meetings

And interestingly, though these tools and services are incredibly valuable to builders going out for projects, Guevara says he finds what makes the biggest impact is the fact his team always answers their phones. Snyder Diamond is dependable, trustworthy and on top of it, always ready to step in and offer support, as well as minimize frustrations on complex projects. “That’s a pretty big deal,” says Guevara. "They know we’re going to be there for them, and the other services are like the cherry on top of the great relationship.”

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