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Designer César Giraldo on Sheltering in Place, Overcoming Fear and Finding Gratitude

There’s not a single person that we know whose life hasn’t been affected—or even upended—by COVID-19 pandemic. But we keep wondering: What are some of our favorite designers doing while sheltering-in-place, quarantined or staying appropriately socially distant? Between rounds of washing our hands, we reached out with some questions. 

Los Angeles-based celebrity interior designer César Giraldo of César Giraldo Design is known for his high-spirited personality and impeccable taste in fashion, just as much as his luxurious residential and commercial designs. Right now, he’s sheltering in place and working from home, even as he continues the work on his current projects, which include two residential builds in O’ahu, a highly anticipated boutique hotel in Hollywood, the upcoming Frida restaurant at Caesars Las Vegas and an outdoor furniture line with Tidelli

César shot a short video of himself thoughtfully answering some of our questions about the creative challenges he’s facing right now, and much more. Watch and read on to see some of his advice highlighted below, and follow him at @cesargiraldodesign to learn even more. 



“It’s time to face our new reality.”

If you’re quarantining, social distancing or sheltering in place, César recommends doing anything you can to start a new routine to create a sense of normalcy. Sleep, self-care and some pleasurable indulgences should also be part of that routine. “Before the world changed, I had been at full speed,” he says. “Now it feels good to take my time.” In addition to catching up and managing his current projects from home, he’s been spending time watching films and cooking. “We have food, movies, music, wine, more wine, Lysol…” he says. “I’m very grateful that we’re safe, healthy and home.”

“Do not let fear overwhelm you.” 

Take it from César: “We should come out of this with a greater appreciation for things we once took for granted.” But, he goes on to say, we can’t allow despair to paralyze us. “Please read credible news sources. Stay home, and be safe. Be sensitive to the needs of others while buying food. Be creative and productive with your time right now. There’s an end to all this chaos—we just have to take a deep breath,” he says.


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