Cabinetry Coup: Meet Moya O'Neill of Moya Living, Whose Steel Designs are Causing a Stir

One of our favorite finds at the Palm Springs Modernism Show this year was Moya Living, the Fountain Valley-based cabinetry manufacturer that produces custom, powder-coated pieces for commercial and residential projects. The company is the offspring of laboratory furnishings firm Genie Scientific and was founded by Moya O’Neill when she began work on her own Laguna Beach home (below) and realized there was a void in the market.

The strength and simplicity of the material lends itself to any style of design—yes, steel cabinets can have an old world vibe—and, as you can see in the photographs, it’s anything but austere. “Not only do we have a standard product line, we have the ability to do anything custom. We control it all,” explains Moya. The company works closely with architects and designers all across the country (they recently completed the kitchen of an architect’s 1890s home in Telluride, below), and often incorporates additional elements in natural materials like wood, glass, stone and cement, all with an eye on sustainability.“The focus isn’t just on steel,” Moya recently told Palm Springs Life magazine “It’s what complements the steel. We like to add the yin and the yang, as opposites attract.” And it’s not just kitchen and bath cabinetry—they can do custom furnishings, too.

On the heels of a successful debut at Modernism (“It was beyond our expectations—we received fantastic feedback and excitement about something new for the kitchen market,” she says.), Moya Living has just arrived at KBC by Benjamin Sullivan in Palm Desert and they’ll be showing at WestEdge this fall. We can't wait to see them again!

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