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Breegan Jane

The HGTV Design Star Talks About Finding Balance, Understanding and Getting Through This Crazy Nuts Circus.   

There’s not a single person that we know whose life hasn’t been affected—or even upended—by COVID-19 pandemic. But we keep wondering: What are some of our favorite designers doing while sheltering-in-place, quarantined or staying appropriately socially distant? Between washing our hands, we reached out to Breegan Jane with some questions in video format, and happily, the design pro complied. Read and watch below, and take Jane’s words to heart: “We’re all in this together.”

Breegan Jane is a name you’ll want to remember. Whether you’re already familiar with the dynamic designer’s Santa Monica-based firm or have been catching her weekly on  HGTV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition , which just aired its finale on April 5th, it's clear that Jane is right in the midst of a breakout moment—pandemic or not. Beyond her design work, Jane has an incredibly full plate. The multihyphenate is the mom of two boys, a serial entrepreneur, a lifestyle expert and even an author: She published an inspirational children’s book  last year.

Like everyone in California right now, Jane is sheltering in place with her two boys, 4 and 6, and no extra help with childcare while running her business. “Life’s a little crazy right now,” she tells us, wryly. “I’m literally locked inside with two toddlers trying to get work done. I’ve been trying to give myself a lot of grace to not get it right.” Jane considers herself blessed to still have work coming in, describing herself as “super goal-oriented.” That’s led her to create a schedule for herself at home and hold herself accountable to it—a schedule which, yes, even includes getting out of her pajamas and even putting on makeup (she’s inspiring, truly!).

“Even though I may have a kid screaming in the background doesn’t mean that I’m any less capable of achieving my to-do list today,” she tells us. “But it's okay to honestly say, ‘look, I can only do these three things today.’ That’s how my team has functioned from the beginning.” She also notes that she hopes that through the collective experience we’re all going through right now, in the future, we’ll all better recognize what people are capable of achieving while being “full, complete humans,” as she likes to say—with children, with challenges, with constraints. Read more of her work from home tips and truths here. 

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Photo Credit: Ryan Garvin Photography

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